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Lowell Cafe Set to Make History in West Hollywood

Imagine waking up to catch the surf in Malibu followed by a fantastic meal contrived by a professional chef; follow this experience by vaping the purest cold-pressed cannabis oil in an outdoor garden area under the warm California sun. This is a reality at Lowell Cafe in West Hollywood. What Lowell Café in West Hollywood is making history by being the first LA cannabis restaurant. Learn all about how it works.

Lowell Cafe

cowell cafe in Hollywood

Lowell Cafe is LA’s first cannabis restaurant. To comply with California state law, Lowell Farms had to get creative with how they delivered the concept of Lowell Cafe. Lowell Farms would have to be split into two businesses: a cannabis retail establishment and a restaurant. The 20,000-square-foot lot features three distinct sections. The first section is where one can purchase food created by the famous Andrea Drummer. The 1,600-square-foot cafe doesn’t allow for cannabis consumption, but visitors can silence the munchies with food and non-alcoholic beverages. Move onto the 2,500 square-foot indoor lounge area, and a visitor can smoke a blunt if they please, vape cold-pressed cannabis oil, or eat an edible snack. The fun of enjoying cannabis isn’t strictly positioned indoors.

Outdoor gardens in West Hollywood scream a lovely time. It gets perfect by adding a cold-pressed cannabis oil disposable vape pen to the mix. The 1,800 square-foot outdoor area allows for smoking, vaping, and consuming edibles. There’s a reason Lowell Cafe has created a buzz in a town used to a riveting story.

Lowell Cafe takes reservations, and it took a mere three hours for the first 30 days to book out. The establishment in West Hollywood is far from a gimmick. Lowell Farms only offers the best in cannabis products. High-quality, natural marijuana is cultivated through passion and love at Lowell Farms. This passion started long ago.

A Rich History

It was the year 1909. William “Bull” Lowell was working hard on his farm on the central coast of California. He grew Indian Hemp in the finest of ways, smoking and enjoying its benefits. Henry J. Finger was a prominent board member of the California Board of Pharmacy and had it out for Bull. He helped create a law in 1913 that prohibited the growth and consumption of cannabis. Bull fought for his right, eventually being put in prison by Finger.

The Lowell family appears to have at long last gotten the last laugh as California cannabis laws are changing. They offer plenty of cannabis-related products to fit the needs of California consumers. Flowers aren’t grown with pesticides or unnatural chemicals but instead grown organically in a healthy manner.

A consumer can roll a blunt or joint out of a flower or vape from the finest cold-pressed cannabis oil offered on the market. The beauty of cold-pressed cannabis oil isn’t convenience, although it is mighty handy, instead of being about purity. It is a clean smoke that is free of solvents, chemicals, and toxins. Clean ingredients matter to those growing the plants at Lowell Farms. Options are available for those looking for the finest cannabis products.

The wait for cannabis users to enjoy the weather in a lounge with fellow users will finally happen as Lowell Cafe opens in West Hollywood on September 24. The concept has long been stalled due to legal restrictions, but the creativity and perseverance from Lowell farms have led to a wonderful offering. Those visiting sunny Southern California are in for a treat if they have the opportunity to visit Lowell Cafe. History is being written in West Hollywood that’s creating a pathway forward for people to consume cannabis while lounging at Lowell Cafe.

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