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4 Low Cost Holiday Destinations for Retirees

You’ve reached the position where you can finally say goodbye to the rat race and retire. Some of you may find having so much time on your hands a little bit frustrating. Retirement shouldn’t be about wishing for your old life and routines but exploring new opportunities. After all, you’ve earned it. One of the best ways of doing this is by exploring the world and going on holidays that appeal to you and your interests. Of course, not all of us have the means to move to exotic locales for retirement, so we decided to come up with four of the most affordable holiday destinations for retirees to make your decision easier.Four suggestions of low cost holiday destinations for retirees. You will love going low cost holiday destinations after retirement.

Holiday Destinations for Retirees
Photo by: Thomas tolkien

4 Low Cost Holiday Destinations for Retirees

1. Scarborough

Located in North Yorkshire, Scarborough is one of the oldest seaside resorts in the country and has, unlike many towns, managed to retain a lot of its Victorian charm. Despite some of its more memorable sites being located on quite steep hills, access is adequate if you would prefer not to walk, so make sure that you aren’t put off by the terrain. Some of the best experiences can be had at Scarborough Castle with its impressive views and history that links the castle to the civil war and beyond. If you are classed as a senior citizen, don’t forget to ask for your 10% discount.

2. Whitby

Just a few miles from Scarborough is the small fishing village of Whitby. For those of you with an interest in literary history, you probably know that Whitby is famed for being an inspiration and part of the setting for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. There are numerous guided tours available specifically aimed at Dracula fans and those who wish to know more about this quaint village.

Another highlight and must-see in Whitby is the iconic ruins of the Abbey that are an impressive collection of gothic arches and a visitors center designed to help you delve deeper into the abbey’s history. Similar to Scarborough, Whitby lacks many of the large hotel chains and accommodation tends to come in the shape of small independent hotels and bed and breakfasts. Prices are competitive so you’ll be sure to snap up a bargain. Particularly if you visit out of season.

3. Cornwall As Low Cost Holiday Destinations

The duchy of Cornwall located at the very south western tip of the British Isles is ideal for those of you who like to do things at your own pace. Regardless of where you stay, you are never more than about a twenty minute drive from the duchy’s famous beaches – each of them very different. You have beaches for relaxing, beaches for fishing, beaches with cliff top walks and beaches for dune exploration. If you are of an active nature, then Cornwall boasts some of the best surf in Britain and hiring a wet suit and board is relatively inexpensive.

For those of you more interested Cornwall’s famous mining heritage then there are numerous sites to visit like ‘Heartlands’ mining exhibition located at Crofty mine in pool or the world famous (thanks to the novels) Poldark mine. Additional sites include the world renowned ‘Eden Project’ ‘The Lost Gardens of Heligan’ and Britain’s most southerly point – Land’s End.

It pays to be selective about when you visit Cornwall. It’s a very popular location and accommodation prices can be high, so be sure to shop around or visit in the off season.

4. Cardiff  As Low Cost Holiday Destinations

Situated on the south coast of Wales, Cardiff offers a great combination of city and country life for any retiree who wishes to experience a little bit of both. Accommodation wise, your options are plentiful with both chain and independent hotels offering good prices for seniors.

There are some exquisite sites to be seen in Cardiff and it would be impossible to visit without venturing into Cardiff castle and Dyffryn House with its beautiful gardens. Similarly, Bute park in the center of the city is a beautiful spot to simply stroll through and watch the world go by.

For those of you that are a bit more into the hustle and bustle of city life, Cardiff boasts a large shopping center and has a fantastic indoor market. And what’s great about Cardiff is that the local administration made a point of making the city friendly to visitors. In addition to the NCP car parks available throughout the city, sites like make it almost impossible for visitors not to find parking in the city.

Of course, no trip to Cardiff would be complete if you didn’t indulge in the national sport – rugby. Watch a match in one of the many pubs along Mill Lane or better yet – head to the Principality Stadium and see if you can catch a game. You can view all the upcoming events and buy tickets for them at

Of course, there are many more locations for you to explore and we hope you have fun doing so. Make the most out of your retirement. There’s plenty out there for you to see.

2 thoughts on “4 Low Cost Holiday Destinations for Retirees

  1. Ah, retirement with even more time for travels! We look forward to that time ourselves. In the meantime we have the pleasure of traveling with my retired mother-in-law and love making the journey’s multigenerational. These are great places to explore and I’m adding them to my list. Any time you can save money on a destination gives you more money for future travels, right?

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