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Looking for Holidays in India? Best Tips to Stay Safe

India is geographically varied, therefore the climate of India also varies. Tiny tips can eventually make a big difference, making holidays&travel easier as well as hassle free. Ensure to be aware of the weather around before you plan for a holiday to a country or region. Don’t forget to make sure you carry along appropriate clothing to keep yourself comfortable, so you can enjoy your holiday season. English is the most commonly used and understood language in India apart from Hindi being the National Language of the country. Also, interpreters& guides for other languages are also available & easy to book.Holidays in India – many travel tips that will help you stay safe on your next trip to India.In this article you will find India travel tips.

Holidays in India

Travel & People

India is a country well connected by air,road& train transport. Advance booking is available through holiday portals online for all of them, hence try making a tentative plan during off season for your holiday in India. Carry photocopies of all important documents like travel insurance passport visas &driving license case it gets lost it is a wise way to ensure that you at least have a copy of the same. Don’t forget cash or currency handy of the region traveling to. Debit cards or travelers cheque are a safe mode of payment, however in most of the situations cash would be required. Try and keep some local currency in hand always.

If you are not sure about booking local transport in a new place, ask your property advisor in Mumbai or top real estate consultants in Mumbai to do it for you. Hiring transport like cabs or rickshaw from a prepaid booth or availing of services of registered cabs is always safer. If you do choose to travel by local transport, ensure you insist on going by a meter or fix a fare in advance before you decide to travel to avoid being fleeced.

Accommodation for holiday season

There is no shortage of cheap accommodations in India. You would be faced with various challenges during your holiday in India, but let the accommodation not be one of those challenges. Whether it’s in a hotel or actually someone’s home that’s being converted into a small guesthouse, you can find a room with a shared bathroom depending on a location.

Having a place to retreat and where you can have a restful night of sleep will help you face the day refreshed & patience. This doesn’t mean that you have to budget a majority of your money for the choice of lodging, but that it is worth being choosy so you can be comfortable.

Organizations like GlobalFreeloaders & Hospitality Club could connect you with all locals & find a willing host with whom you could stay for free. Try and read over reviews by other travelers & contact them directly over specific concerns before staying with a host.With all these free services, both travelers & hosts create online profiles, which have most feedback areas where you could see what co-travelers & hosts have said about each other.

So if you’re planning for an extended stay during a holiday, check listings on property dealers app. More than a dozen cities are included and you can go ahead & search for rentals, home sales & apartments for rent. Happy Holidays!

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