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London Transport – Tips and Tricks for Getting Around

We all know how fun a trip to London can be – the wealth of attractions, cultural hotspots and entertainment on offer is extensive, meaning that no matter what you hope to enjoy on your trip, you’ll be sure to find it. If you’re planning on a city break in the capital, you can find a Travelodge in London that will suit your budget and place you in the heart of the city, with an abundance of London transport options available so that you can enjoy as much, or as little, as you like.

However, the concept of navigating London can fill some people with a sense of dread, and rightly so! For those who aren’t accustomed with the ways of the Big Smoke (and even for those that are), the rabbit warren of streets, even with a Tube map to hand, can be incredibly difficult to get to grips with. Luckily, the city’s infrastructure enables you to access most places within a matter of minutes, with various transport options to choose from. So, if you’re heading to London for a day or two in the near future, you can be sure to get from A to B, in one way or another, with relative ease.

London Transport

London Transport – tips for all of your options

The Tube
For many people who both live in, or visit, London, the Tube is an essential part of daily life. While commuters tend to make the journeys hectic during the rush hour, for the rest of the time, using the Tube can be relatively pain-free and will get you to your destination within minutes.

Make sure that if you are planning to use the Tube a lot during your stay that you invest in an Oyster Card or you have a value-for-money Travelcard to hand. The cost of riding the Tube can soon add up! Also ensure you familiarise yourself with a tube map so that you don’t risk getting lost, and take a look at the distance between where you are and your destination above ground, because, sometimes, it’s quicker to walk!

It’s not always going to be feasible to walk, but if you have the time (and the inclination) to do so, it can be a great way to explore London. The sights around you are phenomenal and are often missed when you’re heading for the Underground. Plus, walking is free!

OK, so it does mean being stuck in the midst of the London traffic but buses are a great, affordable way of getting around London. Plus, you can ride the buses as part of your Oyster Card or Travelcard deal, so you don’t have to worry about forking out more money for the privilege.

It’s certainly a convenient mode of transport but bear in mind the charges – taxis can be a very expensive way of travelling around London so you should weigh up whether the cost is justifiable.

However you decide to move around London, you can guarantee that if you take a stress-free approach, you won’t feel like the journey is getting on top of you. Stay calm, go with the flow and enjoy the city experience!

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