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Miami Accommodations

We are planning a trip to Miami, Florida!  Just starting the search has been not only overwhelming but truly exciting. It’s one of my favorite things in the world to do – plan our family travel! And Miami seems to have everything you can possibly imagine to do.

First thing’s first though – Miami Accommodations, Florida?

Miami Accommodations

Since traveling as a family, I normally look for either condos or apartments (basically, home away from home style). But I’m always open to any ideas. While doing my search I found Wimdu. They have a huge selection of ALL sorts of lodging – studios to full villas on the Ocean. And the prices vary from super affordable to Donald Trump style.

Ok, so I peaked into the Donald Trump style apartments (more than I should have) along with options that fit my budget. I was so impressed with the different offerings of cabins, apartments, houses, villas, condos and hotel rooms, and even tree houses!

For example, if you are a luxury junkie (like me) check out South Beach, Miami and its many boutique hotels right on the ocean. If, on the other hand, you prefer something that offers lots of space, take a peak around the many beach houses offered for short and longer stays, these are perfect for families or larger groups. For tighter budgets there are also a number of cheaper and smaller studios, apartments and even hotels that are still comfortable.

What did I end up picking – well as I mentioned earlier, I’m big on apartment styles, but in this case, I decided to go with a luxury style boutique hotel right on the beach! Who can resist ocean views, a pool to keep my kids and husband busy while I chill out on a lounge chair in the heart of Miami sipping on a tasty tropical drink – with plenty of alcohol!

Oh, and by the way, did I mention that’s prices are really affordable for what we chose. It’s less than if you head over to the hotel itself. And, their customer service was the huge attraction for me. They make sure you get what you want, even if one choice is booked.

So stayed tuned for me to tell you all about our Miami Beach experience!

Miami Accommodations – How to Find the Right one for You



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