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About Lodging in Antigua, Guatemala: Hotels And Accommodations

Antigua, Guatemala Lodging

I’m sure that if you are planning a trip to Guatemala you have definitely considered traveling to Antigua Guatemala. This beautiful, tiny colonial city is a place full of surprises. This is especially true when it comes to lodging in Antigua. Hotels and accommodation are incredibly diverse. You will be surprised about what you can find behind each small, colorful – ancient – door.

It’s all about taking some time to explore the city. Behind a small door you might find luxurious boutique hotels or backpacker dorms. You just never know!

Get the names of more hotels in Antigua Guatemala that might be great for you.

This is how diverse your options for Lodging in Antigua, Guatemala can be:

1. Earth Lodge

This is a small lodge locates up o a hill close to Antigua. What makes this place special is that it is one of the last places in Guatemala where you can do some safe camping; Earth Lodge in Antigua, Guatemala has the equipment for rent. They also offer rustic cabins with great views of the valley where Antigua is located. Definitely a great Antigua lodging option for people looking for camping.

Lodging in Antigua Guatemala - Earth Lodge

2. Hotel Casa Santo Domingo

Now for something 100% different, check this five-star hotel in the center of Antigua. It is known for being one of the best and most luxurious hotels in this small city.

The Hotel Casa Santo Domingo was built over the ruins of an old monastery. In some areas, the old walls, floors, and structures are still visible. An example of that is the restaurant; it is in the middle of what used to be the chapel. If you walk around the gardens, you might see some crypts. In my opinion, this is one of the best hotels in Antigua, Guatemala.

They also have a great museum filled with stuff that was found during the construction of the hotel.

Lodging in Antigua Guatemala - Hotel Casa Santo Domingo

3. Casa Cristina

Here is something for those looking for smaller, yet cute and affordable. This hotel is located in what used to be an old colonial home and offers only ten rooms. It is a simple and comfortable accommodation in Antigua, located in the middle of all the action in Antigua. There is also a terrace where you can relax as you enjoy beautiful views of Agua Volcano.

As you can see lodging in Antigua Guatemala is varied. These are just three of the options you will find in Antigua. There are also small luxurious boutique hotels and the most basic and rustic backpacker room. So dare to explore this city. I’m sure you’ll find just what you need.

One thought on “About Lodging in Antigua, Guatemala: Hotels And Accommodations”

  1. El hotel Santo Domingo es uno de los más famosos de la Antigua Guatemala pero también uno de los más caros. Hay manera para conseguir un hotel más barato y con buenas instalaciones.

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