Wine and Chips: A Local Specialty of Reus, Spain


Wine and Chips: A Local Specialty of Reus, Spain

woman sitting on a tree pot in reus

We went to visit Reus, which is an adorable small city which is in Tarragona, Spain. It’s not located on the coast, it’s about 45 minutes inland or about 20 minutes from Tarragona. The city itself. We were checking it out mainly for maybe it was a place that we were considering moving to and the first thing you must check out is local food and drinks, it’s also one of the best ways to immerse in local culture, that’s why today we’re going to be talking about the local specialty of Reus, Catalonia, Spain.

If you want to learn more about this area of Spain, I have a post about my 5 days road trip from Barcelona, check it out!

We wanted to check it out because we love small cities. It also is perfect and close to a lot of the climbing that is around that area, in fact, it’s really close to Siruana and Margalef. I have an entire podcast about climbing in Reus, so make sure to go and check that out.

💡 You can listen to the full Climbing in Reus podcast here

Reus, Spain

So we just went to stay there, we stayed right in the very heart of the city. The city is absolutely adorable. There is this huge pedestrian area where everybody walks in the evenings and everywhere you go there are little plazas.

Plaza Libertat

Even though it is a modern city, the majority of it, especially Plaza Libertat, it’s very modern. It’s got big boulevards, cafés, and restaurants all over the place. It also has the small streets, those historic streets where you could only go by footpath. And it’s amazing. It’s adorable.

We fell in love, but it’s not the ideal place for us to move to simply because our goal to move to Reus is to find good climbing gyms that also offer teams that they didn’t have. That’s literally the only main reason, and I really want to live on the coast, but that’s a whole other situation.

woman walking in reus spain

Local Specialty of Reus

One thing that we do love to do is check out something that is local and without even knowing, one of the most local things from Reus, which a lot of us are exposed to all over the world, is Vermut, or vermouth as we know it. It’s an alcoholic drink.

It’s kind of like wine. Normally it’s added to different cocktails, especially martinis. It’s called Vermut, and Reus is the home of vermouth, and every single cafe, restaurant, you name it, offers a trio special: Vermut, Olives, and potato chips.

This is not like for tourists. This is a very local thing to have there, and it’s really, really cool. It’s kind of like a quick snack. You have your vermouth because they like to drink all hours of the day. Olives and olives are super healthy and potato chips.

a couple eating local specialty of reus spain


Interestingly enough, this could literally fill you up. It’s like the perfect snack. So when you are in Reus, I would recommend checking this out, and it was not expensive. The whole dish, including the wine, it’s about 3.50 euros, about $4 at the most. So this is something that is really local, and it’s fun and I really recommend it.

So when you are visiting Reus, this should be the number one thing for you to taste. Also, make sure you check out my podcast about Bandida Beach Bar in Tarragona.

woman on a reus street

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Last Updated on July 15, 2023

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