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Local Dishes of Costa Rica – Photo Essay

When visiting Costa Rica the number one suggestion I make to everyone  – visit a SODA, the local eatery and enjoy homemade Costa Rica food.

Casado – this dish usually has beans, salad, plantains, rice and different meats, fish, chicken or vegetarian style.

Costa Rica food

Gallo Pinto – you haven’t eaten Costa Rican until you eat Gallo Pinto which is beans, rice, sweet peppers, onions mixed and fried together with a special sauce that is only found in Costa Rica.


Potato Hash – but it’s not the kind you are used. It’s with a saucy soupy like combination.


Cabbage salad. I love this fresh salad, it’s simple but full of flavor. They use lemon or oil as the dressing.


Casado but Caribbean style. Instead of regular rice, they have a rice and beans mixture cooked on coconut oil.


Beans – of course you can’t visit these countries with a form of refried beans.


And creamy tasty guacamole.


And delicious, not spicy, salsa.



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