Exploring the Top Schools for Athletes in Antigua, Guatemala

Living in Guatemala - School for Athletes in Antigua Guatemala
There are many schools for Athletes in Antigua, Guatemala and the best part is, you can get a top-notch for a really affordable price.

Guatemala is a terrific tourist country well-known for its gorgeous landscape, delicious foods, erupting volcanos, wildlife, vibrant culture, luxury accommodations, and many family-friendly things.

Beyond that, living in Guatemala, especially as an athlete, involves adapting to a lifestyle intertwined with vibrant culture, historical wonders, and a love for sports.

For me, working out is one of the activities I have enjoyed for a long time. It makes me feel great, energetic, and sassy. But even like that, I never took it as a serious thing. I enjoyed my time at the gym, and that was it.

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Spotlight On Schools For Athletes In Antigua Guatemala

Spotlight On Schools For Athletes In Antigua Guatemala
You can find many different types of institutions in Antigua, from schools for athletes to schools focused on the outdoors like Antigua Green School, and many more.

In Antigua Guatemala, a city renowned for its colonial charm, schools for athletes are redefining the landscape of sports education. There are a bunch of schools, including:

  • Centro de Capacitación Avanzada
  • Ciudad Vieja Spanish School
  • True Colors English School
  • Christian Academy of Guatemala
  • Colegio Americano de Guatemala
  • IBCA Instituto por Cooperativa

Whether you are a professional athlete looking for top-notch training, a beginner looking to improve your skills, or looking to improve your Spanish language skills, these schools are always ready to assist you in Antigua. 

These schools stand out for their holistic approach. The curriculum is carefully designed to balance strenuous athletic training with robust academic schedules. It’s a synergy that ensures students excel in their sport while achieving academically.

Why Joining Athletes School In Antigua

It’s Affordable

Training at an athletes’ school anywhere worldwide can be quite expensive. However, in Antigua, Guatemala, you can get top-notch training at a fraction of the cost compared to other countries.

You wouldn’t have to pay more than Q30-Q40 each month, which is approximately $4-USD 5.

Cultural Immersion

Antigua is steeped in rich culture and history. Attending an athletes’ school in this city not only allows you to train but also immerse yourself in the Guatemalan culture.

You’ll get a chance to explore the stunning landscapes, indulge in local cuisine, and learn Spanish from native speakers. It’s an experience that is sure to broaden your horizons.

Professional Coaches

Professional Coaches antigua school for athletes

The coaches at these athletes’ schools are highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields. They have trained numerous athletes who have gone on to achieve great success in their sports careers.

The coaches not only focus on physical training but also guide mental toughness, nutrition, and injury prevention.

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How I Got into Running – My Story!

It all started in August 2014 when my brother finally convinced me to go on a trail run. There was a family-type category for 5k, so I decided to try that one.

It took me 52 minutes to complete the circuit, and it was tough, but I ended up loving it.

So, I started using the treadmill at the gym a little more and going out on Sunday jogs. It was never a matter of getting fit and skinny.

This was just something I enjoyed and happened to coincide with the date when I discovered my love for ascending volcanoes.

Once more, I got talked into enrolling for another race that was going to happen in May 2015, this time by a friend. This time, it was a half marathon.

I was by no means ready for it, but I did it. I ran along her side for the whole thing, and we finally made it to the finish line after 2:35 hours. We were both proud of each other and completely beat.

school for athlete in antigua guatemala - living in guatemala
The biggest draw is how friendly people are, often becoming friends and having meals and snacks together.

Joining EFAAG

(EFAAG means School for Athletes, Antigua Guatemala)

A few months later, someone spoke to me about a group that met at the track of a public school near my home at the time in Antigua, Guatemala. They told me that it was a group of people of all levels who loved running; some even competed and won. So, I decided to check out one of their training sessions. 

I sat on a bench and thought, “That doesn’t look too hard,” so I asked the guy who was giving all of the instructions how much he was charging.

He introduced himself as Rafael Morales and asked me a few questions about my background. That led to a 15-minute chat. During that time, I kept thinking, this guy seems knowledgeable, plus some of the athletes look so professional, this is going to be expensive.

Then he said, “Look, I do this for free, but the school asks for a small fee so that they can maintain the track in decent condition, so I ask for Q10 (USD 1.50) monthly.” Are you surprised? I was!

I joined the group and met a lot of people with all sorts of different backgrounds and ages. With time I learned that back when he was an athlete, Teacher Rafa (as we call him) even made it into the small group of track runners who made it into the 1980 Olympics in Russia; he then studied to become a coach and now has a masters degree in it.

Can you believe it? Now in his 50s, he dedicates his time to teaching us how to run properly to avoid injuries and how to get ready for competing. Plus, the training sessions at the track with him are KILLER.

You need to build up your strength to be able to endure a full one.

Months later, my brother joined, too, and he is into triathlon, so he gave him a specialized plan. Fast forward to 2017, and due to the politics of the school, we are now paying Q30 each month (USD4), which we all do happily.

My brother has improved so much that he even made it into the top three on his last triathlon. In my case, now I can run 5k in 28 minutes. I’m not at a competitive level at all. I don’t dedicate myself fully to it because of my love for hiking, but I love how strong I feel and will keep attending his sessions.

This is just a quick shout-out to an outstanding person who donates his time and knowledge just because he loves the sport and helping people. He truly is an inspiration for each member of his group. We are all extremely grateful for what he does.

Even though I still go to the training sessions and run at least three times per week, it has been a while since I enrolled in a race. Maybe I should soon. I wish I had more and better photos, but when we get to the track, we are usually focused on giving all we have until the next sprint comes.

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