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Things to Do in Liverpool and What Not to Miss for Music Fans

Music fan headed for Liverpool? There are tons of fun things to do in Liverpool for you. This article takes a look at the top places you should visit during your stay in Liverpool.Six of the best things to do in Liverpool for all of those who are interested in enjoying music.Take a look at this list of Liverpool tour.

Things to Do in Liverpool for Music Fans

Beatles Museum

Things to Do in Liverpool and What Not to Miss for Music Fans

Photo by Lothar

Liverpool is of course the city of the Fab Four so it is no surprise that there is a museum located here in honour of the Beatles. Since 1990, the museum has welcomed over 300,000 music lovers every year. The museum holds exclusive photographs of the group, breathtaking artifacts and interesting details about the career of each member of the group. Located in Liverpool’s beautifully redeveloped docklands, this attraction is a must for music lovers! You may also want to check out The Cavern Club, which is not too far away on Mathew Street. (Sadly it’s not the original club, but a reconstruction – still worth a visit, though!)

East Village Arts Club

Of all the live venues in Liverpool city center, the East Village Arts club is without doubts the top place to catch a live performance while in Liverpool. The venue has been known by a few names in the past since inception in the 1800s. Quality music acts are hosted at the venue from time to time and comedy events and club nights are a welcome attraction.

Probe Records

If you would like to revamp your music collection, probe Records is without doubt a must visit. Since launching in 1971, Probe has become the leading record stores in the city – and one of few remaining independents. You will find old, rare and new release vinyl as well as CDs, and street press magazines here. After moving a few times over the decades, Probe is now located by the hip and happening Blue coat center, and is easily identified by its arched window and decorated doors.

Visit the Liverpool Sound City

Are you headed for Liverpool in May? Don’t miss the Liverpool Sound City. This is a music festival and conference where you are sure to find great music and listen to renowned speakers as they give their keynote address. Thurston Moore and John Cale are just some of the big names that have thrilled the crowd at the event in the past.

Attend the Liverpool International Music Festival

Similar to the Sound City event but even bigger, the Liverpool International Music Festival is the home of quality music, for free! The event was held strictly in Mathew Street mostly but it is now held in five stages over the city center. Join up with thousands of local music fans as you enjoy performances from both international and local music acts.

Visit HAUS for some top quality electronic music

HAUS is located in the Baltic Triangle. Visitors are treated to a unique selection of electronic beats. HAUS is run by the music heads at Waxx and it is a great place to be for some high energy techno club nights. This is the one place you would love to be if you are out late at night in Liverpool.

Final Thoughts

Why visit? A trip to Liverpool is a must if you are a music lover. You’re simply bound to love the various places where you can indulge your love for music and soak up the vibe of creativity. And even if you’re not a music obsessive, a stay in this vibrant city filled with friendly locals and rich in history is always inspiring.

How do I get to Liverpool, and where are the best places to stay? There are lots of accommodation options in Liverpool to suit every budget – from B&B establishments in leafy outlying areas to the usual roll-call of 5-star brands. Hotels in Liverpool’s dock areas include Malmaison (website with map here) while the Albert Dock has lots of nice accommodation around it – so it may be worth seeing if there are any fab apartments available on airb&b or similar rental sites.

What are your favorite things to do in Liverpool?

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