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Lisbon From the Tagus River at Sunset

When we consider a future holiday, we may be thinking about many things. The food, the attractions, the people, or the beaches. But sometimes it’s just an image or an idea. The idea of having your morning coffee outside in an Italian cobbled street café, or an evening dance in an Ibiza cocktail bar. Another picture-perfect image that we can ruminate about, one that perhaps goes slightly more under the radar, is a sunset across the Tagus river in Lisbon.

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, meaning it is home to some of the most incredible and historical architecture and attractions of significance. Yet despite being an urban capital, Lisbon has some incredible nature, coastal landscape, and sunsets.

Sunset Across the Tagus River in Lisbon

Sunset cruise

Perhaps the best way to soak in the sunset in Lisbon is on a sunset cruise.

The official sunset cruise includes a welcome drink. Setting off an hour or so before sunset, there is an hour and a half to spend soaking in the evening sun setting behind the illuminated Lisbon sights. 

Beyond just the relaxing atmosphere, the sunset cruise offers a unique perspective on Lisbon’s best attractions; looking at them from not just a different angle, but in a different light. Selected snacks also await you, and there is a discounted family price on offer too.

It is evenings like the sunset cruise that help get the most out of a place – particularly if you have a camera in hand. Beyond just visiting the attractions, you will remember them clearly without the rushing around, queues of other tourists, or midday heat.

Eateries along the Tagus 

You may feel like eating some authentic Portuguese cuisine as you watch the sun go down from afar. Along the Tagus lays many of the city’s best restaurants. Feitoria is one option; a white-tableclothed eatery with fantastic reviews and a perfect evening view of the river. Other fine dining options include Alma, Amarra O Tejo, Epur, Belcanto, and Sála de João Sá. 

Portugal is best known for its fantastic meats, Caldo Verde, Sardines, and other seafood. Sardines in particular are a must-try in Lisbon, as well as the stewed pork that goes in Bifana.

Time of the year – and day

Lisbon is known for its great weather, and we all know that sunsets can be even more incredible in winter than in summer – providing it’s not too cloudy that day. If you’re looking for the warmest evenings, though, June through to September is the summer. However, much of Spring and Autumn is mild enough to enjoy a sunset cruise or evening meal outside by the river. 

The time of sunset in summer in Lisbon is around 9pm. The cruise schedule changes time depending on the season – it usually sets off around an hour or so before sunset. This is so you experience the golden hour, the sunset, and the blue hour all in one trip. Any photographer will tell you this is the best time of the day for pictures – along with the golden light you get from sunrise, but then it would be too early to have a drink!

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