Less-Known Theme Parks in Florida That You Should Visit

Florida is one of America’s most comfortable states in terms of climate and nature. It’s here that the majority of the US resort business is concentrated. As a result, Florida has become the epicenter of dizzying entertainment venues. Many tourists, especially families with children, come here to visit Orlando with its famous parks of Disney World, Sea World, Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios, as well as Wet and Wild. Information about some of the best lesser-known theme parks in Florida that are worth visiting white traveling in the area.

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However, Florida may offer some less-known, but also striking places for leisure travelers. They are not as crowded as the parks listed above, which will make your holiday with children much more comfortable and relaxing…

The Less-Known Theme Parks in Florida

The Holy Land Experience

Having decided to go on a trip to America, by all means, visit Orlando in the state of Florida. A huge number of local theme parks strike their visitors with all kinds of entertainment venues. Orlando is also called East Hollywood, so it’s not at all surprising that you can visit an amusement park entirely devoted to biblical themes, which is called the Holy Land Experience. This thematic complex cost its creators $15 million and recently received the honorary title of a religious museum.

Holy land Theme Park in Florida
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The Holy Land Experience is located 6 km away from Orlando, thus making car a perfect transport to get there. If you don’t know where to rent a car, then check out NU car rental Orlando address to find a suitable pick up location.

Immediately at the entrance, the visitor becomes a member of a colorful biblical show – you need to open the city gates, which are an exact copy of the Damascus and Jaffa gates in Jerusalem. The entrance to the gates is guarded by Roman soldiers, dressed in full uniforms, in armor, helmets and spears in their hands. In general, all the buildings in the park are modeled after the images of famous biblical objects. It even recreated a copy of Jerusalem, occupying the area of 111 square meters, and a full-scale model of the Great Temple, Herod’s palace and the tomb of Christ.

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One of the latest innovations of the Holy Land Experience is a new zone called the Trinity Music City. You can leisurely walk there along the main street in Jerusalem, looking at the themed goods in the shop windows and dine in the bistro called “Solid Stone”.

Also, visitors can watch interesting theatrical performances devoted to religious topics. High-quality staged shows with the use of pyrotechnic and laser effects start with Hebrew prayers and cause a lot of exciting emotions among the guests of the park. Recently, visitors have the opportunity to become participants in a large-scale dramatization of the crucifixion of Christ. This colorful action always gathers a large number of spectators and ends with the Ascension of Christ to Heaven.

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The cost of visiting the Holy Land Experience is $35, and once a year, its doors are open for free to all visitors.

Busch Gardens Tampa

If you don’t know where to have fun and get vivid impressions, then welcome to one of the largest theme parks in Florida called Busch Gardens Tampa. You will experience unforgettable adventures in a country inhabited by more than 2,000 species of animals, and can taste about 50 different sorts of cool beers for free. Therefore, while children try various attractions, adults will be able to enjoy a wonderful drink.

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Busch Gardens was founded in 1959 by the President of the Budweiser brewing company. Today, the popularity of this park is unusually high, so it ranks 4th among the most visited parks in the United States. Its main distinguishing feature is the African theme and the fact that wild animals live in conditions as close as possible to their natural habitat. Tigers, crocodiles, snow-white peacocks, antelopes, hippopotamuses, and other exotic animals feel free in this cozy country and help to get closer acquainted with the wonderful world of Africa. In the zoo, you can feed some non-dangerous animals like goats or parrots, and watch the feeding of ferocious predators.

For the convenience of traveling through the vast territory of Busch Gardens Park, you can use the cable car or take the train with open carriages, while the fans of unusual adventures will be offered to ride in off-road jeeps, take a walk along the rope bridges and enjoy rafting along the Congo River. The latest unique novelty of this park is pulling the rope with a two hundred kilogram tigers.

gwazi gliders ride at bush gardens tampa florida
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Those visitors who like thrills will be attracted by Kumba and SheiKra roller coasters, lifting you to a height of 60 meters, and then rapidly flying down. Also, there’s Montu – the longest slide in the world with 7 dead loops. Fear rooms located in gloomy caves, with bats and creeping can also tickle your nerves.

Entertainments in Busch Gardens will bring a lot of pleasant emotions to visitors of all ages. However, to a greater extent, the park is designed for adult and teenage guests. The search of this famous place is quite simple. Busch Gardens is located in Florida, 12 km away from Tampa. The park is open daily from 10am till 6pm. Ticket price is about $70.

Last Updated on January 30, 2023

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