Visiting Legoland Florida- Photo Essay

lego land florida - entrance

Legoland in Florida is the perfect theme park to visit if you have kids younger than 12 years old.

Legoland, Florida Dinos welcome

The best age is around 9 years old, which my oldest was at the time of our visit. My 3 year old also had a blast, but wasn’t able to do all the rides. Which was fine by him.

Legoland, Florida - Lego chef

My favorite part of all was the art. Lego’s art isn’t something I have ever paid any real attention to, but it’s so unavoidable when visiting the park. And, truthfully, I don’t know why they don’t get the same recognition as some of today’s top artists.

Legoland, Florida More character greetings

Characters are always a welcome joy, no matter the age.

Legoland, Florida Entrance to the Kingdoms

There are several different areas of the park, if you want, you can map out the ones you want to visit the most and hit them first. This way, your kids aren’t too tired by the time they get there. And if they are too tired, they can miss the ones that weren’t top priorities for them.

Legoland, Florida - Miniland - Pirate Island


You can literally spend the whole day just enjoying the creations here.

Legoland, Florida - new york city - central park

From Pirates to cities, Miniland is truly my favorite things to see while there.

Legoland, Florida - pirate booty art

Pirates were a huge theme while we were visiting.

Legoland, Florida - pirate brickbeard is over thrown

And the waterskiing show about pirates was a huge hit for my kids.

Legoland, Florida - enjoying the coaster ride

Don’t be fooled by this roller coaster – it will scare you to death.

Legoland, Florida - flying brothers

I love it when my boys can enjoy some rides together.

Legoland, Florida - imagination building and making

There are tons of interactive places to visit as well. To build anything from car races to star wars to much more.

Legoland, Florida - elephants at safari trek

A lego safari, how fun is this.

boating lessons for kids at legoland florida

Boat School – you literally have to drive the boat. It doesn’t drive on it’s own.

Driving test ride at legoland

Driver’s school – yeap, my 3 year old was driving all on his own, and loving it.

lego shop in legoland florida

Don’t forget to stock up on any lego piece you might need. They have them all here.

Legoland in Florida has 2 parks, the amusement park and the waterpark (which is closed in the winter – when we were there).

You can easily do each park in one day. But don’t do both in one day.

Last Updated on August 7, 2023

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