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Legoland Florida Rides List – Way More Exciting Than You Would Think

Legoland Florida is a theme park for kids twelve and younger. Most rides are tailored to younger kids. However, you would be so surprised about some of the rides.

Legoland Florida Rides List

We’ll start with the baby rides. There are several that are for younger kids only

Legoland, Florida - Train ride  The Royal Joust was a ride for four and older, however, it was quite boring for kids over six

legoland joust
legoland joust entrance

However the concept was fun

Legoland, Florida - Jousting Ride

The Helicopter ride – great for kids of all ages

Legoland, Florida - flying copter ride

And even better when both my boys can go on together

Legoland, Florida - flying brothers

Lessons – Classes

Driving Lessons – there are two sections for driving lessons – one for kids 3 – 6 and one for 6- 12. The line for my oldest boy was too long so we just enjoyed my baby. It was like driving a real car. There was no track, the kids had to maneuver and negotiate themselves.

Legoland, Florida - Driving test ride

And every driving student gets a drivers license

Legoland, Florida - drive test attraction ride - driving license

Boat Classes – The boats were really hard to maneuver – it was like riding a real boat

legoland boat ride
legoland boat ride

This was great for all ages

legoland boat ride

Safari Trek – This is for my baby – it was like being at a real safari with the most amazing animals

Legoland, Florida - safari trek ride

Of course driving is the most important part

Legoland, Florida - safari car ride

legoland safari trek


Legoland, Florida - Safari Ride - lions


-Legoland, Florida - Safari ride - ostrich art


Legoland, Florida - meerkats art - safari ride


Legoland, Florida - Giraffes at safari ride


Legoland, Florida - hippos at safari ride


Legoland, Florida -- elephants at safari trek

Now for the really fun part – The roller coaster

Legoland, Florida - getting ready for the coaster ride

My son went on this coaster over five times. And finally he begged me to join him.

Legoland, Florida - the never ending ride

It was death defying – at least that’s how I felt. It rocked my world!

Legoland, Florida - help me - rollercoaster

And as you can see, my little adrenaline junkie had a field day

Legoland, Florida - getting off the rollercoaster

Legoland Florida – The Rides – Way More Exciting Than You Would Think


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