Leather Belt Bag For Luxury Travel Works: World’s Most Luxurious Hotels

Whenever you have a major occasion planned – or just a vacation to see friends or family abroad – there’s so much else that you might have to schedule ahead, that accommodation has to be something of a luxury. Not just that but a useful travel companion that you’re about to learn. A leather belt bag during your luxury travel works abroad.

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There are luxury hotels and then there’s all-out, outrageously extravagant hotels all around the world. Relaxing by the pool with a cocktail, fancy restaurants, or strolls around the ocean at dusk? Whatever it is you want, you can find it all in a luxury hotel and even more. For use during your visit are a few restaurants, two huge open-air pools, a spa with one more heated pool, hot tub, sauna room and gym, a poolside café, and, surprisingly, a piano lounge for a nightcap after a long day’s relaxation are all in one place.

Today, I am diving deep into the playground of the rich and famous and I’m taking you with me! I am offering a peek into the globe’s most deluxe hotels and resorts. We all need a good break! The brain can never again keep on track in upsetting deadlines, work necessities or severe plans and timetables. There is just one thing to torment your mind – and time appears to be an enemy at the moment: SUMMER. If you haven’t got the opportunity to plan for your summer holidays yet, read more in this article. I’ll give you an awesome luxury travel idea; luxury hotels all round the world.

The Most Famous Extravagant Hotels Around The Globe

You have to be serious about extravagant travel to stay at one of these locations: in addition to the fact that the interior design is top notch, however you’ll likewise be blown away by the level of the personal service that comes from having your own chauffeurs and butlers. Let’s take a look at my top favorites!

Dubai’s Burj Al Arab Hotel –  The iconic shape of Dubai’s Burj Al Arab Hotel has made it a firm structure to have a view of the city’s beautiful skyline. Here you can find a beautiful two-story building, whose main goal is to provide top-of-the-range amenities that guests enjoy in Dubai. You might well find yourself mingling around with the royalty at one of the luxury hotel’s bar and dining options, or at one of the five pools in the hotel. If you ever want to venture into the city, you can do so in one of the chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce owned by the hotel. Or better yet, by jumping in a helicopter from its very own helipad. 

Leather Belt Bag For Luxury Travel Works

Las Vegas Palms in Nevada – There’s no better place to indulge in luxury life than in America’s Sin City. Enjoy and invite a few friends over to this lovely Two-Story Sky Villa, a rooftop villa that can accommodate a total of 250 people. Enjoyable with extravagant amenities such as; a rooftop Jacuzzi, rotating bed, spa room, steam/sauna room, private balcony and a fancy bar. They all say, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!” 

Leather Belt Bag For Luxury Travel Works

 Turkey’s Mardan Palace Hotel – By looking at this $1.65-billion hotel, all you see is a ginormous swimming pool around it, and is one of the most luxurious hotels in Europe, obviously. This venue really is the symbol of luxurious and extravagance: it has beautiful interiors crafted not just any common material, but an Italian marble, including crystal chandeliers shimmering all over the suite. Awesome amenities await you, drink at one of the twenty bars, have a look around at the aquarium and many more. And, as if that was not impressive enough, the 1000-person capacity of the all-around pool is the best amenity of all. A man-made Egyptian white-sand beach is created just for the hotel guests. Butler service is included, obviously. 

 The Plaza in New York City – You may have noticed the prestigious Plaza from the movie Bride Wars, in which Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson fight over the hotel venue. But this is much more than a wedding venue but more, a New York richest representative. The hotel specializes in an old-school American style and retains pretty much of its original design and charm from the 1900s. Its Royal Plaza Suite is the favorite choice amongst the VIPs visitors, giving them a stunning view, looking over the city. With a classy dining room, library, kitchen, gym and butler service, all you’ve got to do is relax and enjoy New York’s most luxurious hotel.

Leather Belt Bag For Luxury Travel Works

Things To Put In Your Leather Belt Bag When You Travel 

What is a leather belt bag? Well, this bag is the only go-to bag you need. It has separate compartments in various sizes, which is good for organizing. It’s not too big nor too small, just the right size to put your essentials in. Normally, usual bags can only be wearable on the shoulders or for the backpacks, over your back. But the cross body wallet has three-way wear options. It has a detachable shoulder strap, which is adjustable to your desired length. A detachable carabiner clip also is an option, clip onto your pants’ belt loop or to your day bag. Lastly, a built-in belt loop is one of the options to wear it. You can loop your belt around for a more fastened wear.

When it comes to the design and overall aesthetic, the classy leather material is what makes it the perfect accessory for your luxury travel. It’s giving convenience and luxury in one. You can put all your essentials in a safe sack and zip it up. You can wear this leather belt bag close to your body at all times, making you less of a target for pickpockets. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, it has smooth polyester on the inside, making grabbing things so much quicker and smoother.

Final words: Prioritize what’s most important! Assuming you are really into extravagant travels all around the world, – or that I have tempted you enough to book a holiday stay at one of these dazzling hotels – don’t pass up on a travel insurance package. Regardless of how excellent the vacation is, you’ll need to realize that you are covered if there should arise an occurrence of any possibility – especially if you decide to venture out of the hotel and into some other places. Assuming you’re arranging a luxury get-away, ensure your travel security with complete travel protection.

Last Updated on March 25, 2022

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