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Learn All About Why London is a Haven for Harry Potter Fans

If you are among the millions of Harry Potter fans across the world, London should be your next choice of holiday destination! Hundreds of thousands of die-hard Potter fans make a pilgrimage of sorts to the many Harry Potter locations spread across London. These range from guided tours to movie locations, encompassing everything related to the Harry Potter legend. If you are an ardent Potterhead, London is a Haven for Harry Potter Fans should be your next port of call! Places that you can visit in London that will take you back to the Harry Potter world. Learn about the London is a Haven for Harry Potter Fans.

London is a Haven for Harry Potter Fans

If you need to book accommodation in central London, the Park Grand London Kensington Hotel would be an excellent choice location wise and in terms of facilities and amenities. Some of the must-visit Harry Potter locations in the city include:  

Take an official Harry Potter studio tour 

Potter buffs will enjoy taking the Official Harry Potter studio tour where the filming of the movie series took place. This includes visiting the actual sets ranging from Hogwarts to Diagon Alley among plenty of other locations. The intricate detail of the sets is incredible with the craftsmanship captivating everyone who visits. While visiting any time is a great experience Christmas and Halloween is the ideal time for a visit. The sets look stunning in seasonal decorations and visitors can even enjoy a veritable feast in the fabled Great Hall, for a hefty price of course. A wonderful way to experience the actual locations where the movie series filming took place!  

London is a haven for Harry Potter Fans

Watch Harry Potter & the Cursed Child 

The play will return to the famous Palace Theater this winter from 08 November 2018. It is a two-part play and comes almost two decades after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows It has floored audiences since it began two years ago in July 2016. With an amazing nine Olivier Awards and a whole new cast expect it to be better than ever. With the finest special effects and power packed performances by its cast, see your favorite characters in London this winter, provided you can lay your hands on the tickets!  

Visit the actual Platform 9¾ 

Potter fans will thoroughly enjoy a visit to the iconic Platform 9¾. Located at the magnificent Kings Cross railways station in London, visitors get a unique opportunity to visit Platform 9¾ with its entrance marked with a trolley embedded into the wall. It makes for a great photo opportunity and visitors can browse through Potter memorabilia at the gift shop to pick up your own magic paraphernalia. Every year on September 1, Potter fans gather in the area to celebrate the beginning of the new term marked with the fictitious students taking the Hogwarts Express to travel to Hogwarts School of Magic.       

London is a haven for Harry Potter Fans

Enjoy a traditional Harry Potter themed afternoon tea 

After watching fascinating performances at the Palace Theater, wend your way to Cutter & Squidge for a brilliantly immersive afternoon tea experience at their Soho bakery venue’s basement. The place transforms into a wizards’ Potion Room. With exotically colored drinks, out of these world refreshments, wands and robes get ready to transcend time and space into Harry Potter’s world.

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