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Learn Italian for Travel with Your Family

It’s fun to visit Italy with your family and visit the luscious greenery in Tuscany or explore more of the Italian Renaissance influence on Florence over the past decades. 

But, what’s better than understanding the local language? You can discover more restaurants, talk in a casual conversation, and visit art museums that might be under a traveler’s radar.

While not everyone can learn a language easily, there are many tips to learn Italian for travel. You may find yourself in a challenging situation, but there are many advantages to learning more Italian words other than ciao.

Traveling opens doors for language learning

It’s understandable that many people become afraid when traveling to different countries. Aside from the fear of the unknown, many travel enthusiasts are afraid to engage with the locals. Frankly speaking – you’re missing out on all the great language learning opportunities

Talking like an Italian native will surprise your friends and create new relationships. You’ll have to let go of yourself, meaning, don’t be afraid of mistakes along the way. Besides, where’s the fun in an adventure if you keep sticking to rules and boring, repetitive conversations? 

Why learn Italian with your family?

It’s not a requirement to speak Italian before going to Italy. But you’ll enjoy how you’ll develop better techniques for remembering Italian travel phrases. 

What makes you remember a language? If you notice how children learn a language, it is usually through mimicking and speaking. Language studies call it natural language acquisition influenced by parents and/or the child’s environment.

But even at an older age, you will feel the benefits of learning a language – better brain plasticity, self-confidence, and keeping your brain focused and productive. 

The best way to learn Italian with your family is to share the learning experience through different activities while traveling around Italy.

Use memory techniques that are both fun and educational

Learning a new skill may take some time to master. But, you can curate techniques that work for you. Try to make up a scenario with your family and think of words related to an Italian phrase you’re learning. You may associate people, landmarks, Italian food, feelings, and other experiences you’ve had in Italy with words you might have difficulty remembering.

Listen to an Italian language teaching podcast

Isn’t it boring to just rely on Italian dictionaries or textbooks for learning Italian? With an Italian podcast, you’ll hear native speakers use correct pronunciations and learn Italian faster

You’ll never find yourself stuck in a single conversation since every podcast is spontaneous. Try to listen to an Italian podcast while driving around with your family. You can pick up grammar patterns after each level and familiarize yourself with rules about conjugation and gender.

Use apps to learn Italian better

Nowadays, everyone seems to learn a language through a language learning app. Italian is one of the most popular languages to study for language enthusiasts 

Some of these apps place a strong emphasis on grammar, although some of them don’t work really well. You will not be able to master Italian only by depending on these language apps.

The best app for language learning should emphasize speaking because it is often the most disregarded skill and also the most difficult to practice if you are alone.

That said, we strongly suggest the Italian audio course “Ripeti con me!” from Think in Italian.

How Think in Italian will help you speak like a native

A great way to study Italian on your own is to learn from an effective language course made by an Italian native. 

Think in Italian has two premium courses in one. You’ll learn Italian from day 1 and will never look back on old techniques.

With Think in Italian’s Ripeti con Me! You’ll experience a serious course that focuses on learning grammar naturally – by listening and repeating. 

Their 1-minute readings in slow audio are perfect if you are busy with work or your kids. Think in Italian is the perfect material that will help you learn from basic conversations to advanced Italian grammar.

Is your itinerary keeping you busy while traveling? Think in Italian offers the best results in a matter of days with a variety of audio and reading materials to choose from.

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