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Learn How To Make Your Travel Instagram More Successful

People use Instagram for many things, but photography and travel blogs are two areas of tremendous interest on the platform. Some come to highlight their beach pictures or vacation adventures, whereas others come to just get a quick peek into distant and exotic lands. Blogs like these help people skip around the globe without leaving their home or office, thanks to breathtaking images. However, they also bring together the people of the world by sharing the stories of all walks of life and the experiences of those that are actually globe trotters.

If you have a travel blog that you’d like to have a more prominent voice in the crowd, then keep reading to learn a few pointers you can use to accomplish this. Things you might not think of, like the name, the niche, how you present your posts, and how you gain followers, are all important for making your Instagram successful. For more followers, and more reach, contact igautolike for 50 auto likes for Instagram free.

If you look for #instatravel accounts, you’ll find hundreds, if not thousands. However, with the following information and insights, you might just join the ranks of those that can actually make money from their passion for photography.

Travel Instagram More Successful

Helpful Hints For Making Your Travel Instagram Better

1) A Name That’s Easy To Remember:

Ideally, you’ll start things right from day one when you first register your account. Aim for professional appearance from the first minute you work on it. Choose an account name that people will remember easily, use a high-quality profile picture, and write your bio in a friendly manner. Start thinking about what your brand is going to be, and if you’re looking for examples of great names, look at ThePrettyCities or NomadicMatt. Those roll off the tongue but also convey meaning immediately.

2) Pick Your Niche:

If you want a truly devoted base of fans, as well as a distinct voice on Instagram, then you need to choose a good niche. For instance, look at SamHorine; he created his own niche by snapping images of abandoned, run-down, or just forgotten corners of cities all over the world. Don’t try to appeal to anyone. Instead, use the 80/20 strategy, where discovering a good niche can reward you with a small but devoted base of followers.

3) Use Images To Be A Storyteller:

Good images are okay, but to find success on Instagram, you’ve got to do better. The great accounts are actually storytellers, albeit through a visual medium. Sometimes that means capturing the essence of a single moment in one of your travels, and other times it might mean linking together numerous photos or even creating a photo album tapestry that represents your adventure. Personal touches to photos get far more response than static landscapes.

4) Stay Consistent:

In the best of circumstances, you’ll post pictures every day that you travel. However, if this is too much of a burden, then three times per week is a good routine too. Your gallery will constantly grow, while your core followers can enjoy steady updates.

5) Look Past Instagram:

Do you have a different blog somewhere else? What about a Facebook or Twitter account? Put a few of your pictures in those places. Doing this demonstrates your commitment to your Instagram travel account and also brings it more exposure.

Ways To Make Your Images More Memorable

1) Have An Eye For What’s Out Of The Ordinary:

Everyone has seen beaches, mountain peaks, and the sun rising and setting. If you want to have an image really stand out, then it needs something different. Look for elements in the environment around you. Maybe it’s a unique-looking plant or animal, an interesting street, or a distinct building. Try your hand at creativity with different angles. What about getting up close to the waves? Can you take a picture of a mountain from above it?

2) Photography’s Two Magical Hours:

Can you guess what these two hours are? If you’re thinking dawn and dusk, you’re right. At these times, the lighting offered by nature is delicate, and the images you snap will be rife with elaborate shadows while also avoiding much risk of overexposure. Take travel pictures at these times of day to increase your odds of amazing shots.

3) Focus On Framing:

When you’re trying to align a great shot, consider the frame as having three different dimensions. There can be a multilayered story that plays out in the foreground, which is the primary emphasis of an image; the mid ground, which is just behind the foreground; and the background, which is anything off in the distance. Don’t look at images as being flat, but instead as having layers. When you can master the art of framing, you’ll add tremendous depth to your images, which is sure to bring followers and fans back time and time again.

Two Good Blog Investments

1) Download Free Editing Software

Instagram filters are handy, but anyone can use them. Using actual editing software is a lot better way to go, especially considering how many there are that are good, free, and easy to use.

2) A Great Camera:

If you want a successful Travel Instagram, then nothing is more important than image quality. Smartphones can get great pictures, but your images will still be 10 times better with a dedicated high-caliber camera.

Find more tips for your travel Instagram photos.

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