A Christmas Road Trip: Exploring the culinary delights of Lapland, Finland

The countdown to Christmas has already begun so it’s time to take the festive trip of your family’s dreams as Gousto has done all the hard work for you and mapped out the ultimate foodie road trip through Lapland.

Last year Lapland broke its record for tourism, and it’s expected to be a hit again this Christmas. To create your own lifelong memories, just hop in the car and take an adventure through Lapland, drive through remote Lappish villages, and experience all the culinary delights of their Scandinavian culture. From Smoked Reindeer to fresh salmon burgers, the options on the menu at these eateries will give you a true taste of the Arctic.

This really is the ultimate Christmas adventure, and who knows, you might even run into Santa Claus.

culinary delights of Lapland

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Lapland Food Road Trip

Where does the journey start?

Land in Oulu is probably one of the best road trips in the world, pick up your rental car, and head over to Rooster, a minimalist Finnish café where you can sip on a coffee and get out of the snow. They also serve Lohiburgeri; a burger served with fresh salmon, marinated fennel, and horseradish mayo which is a must-try.

Now it’s time to get on the road, head up to the Panorama Café in Kemi where you can tuck into some of their specialty dishes like arctic char and potato bake, wild-mushroom soup, and reindeer meatballs all while sipping on a home-brewed beer and looking out the 13th story window at the stunning view of the bay.

Rovaniemi is your next stop and is known as the home of Santa Clause. Nili Restaurant is a must-go-to during your visit, but remember to reserve a table as it gets very busy in the evenings. They have a set menu that is to die for and will give you a true taste of Nordic culture, almost always including a reindeer option, which is an essential part of Lappish cuisine.

desserts from finland
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  1. Rooster Cafe – Try the Lohiburgeri; a burger served with fresh salmon, marinated fennel and horseradish mayo.
  2. Panorama Cafe – Speciality dishes include arctic char and potato bake, wild-mushroom soup, and reindeer meatballs which you can enjoy with a home-brewed beer.
  3. Nili Restaurant – A set menu that will give you a true taste of Nordic culture.
  4. Gaissa – Upstairs restaurant of the Hotel Santa Claus where you have to try the roast reindeer with locally grown potatoes and morel mushrooms sauce.
  5. Otso – Give their speciality is a burger of smoked reindeer go.
  6. Laanilan Kievari – Authentic Scandinavian cuisine including their smoked Arctic char and reindeer steak.

Last Updated on September 23, 2023

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