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Guide to Visiting the Caves of Lanquin Guatemala

Lanquin National Park was one of the first protected areas and one of the top attractions in Guatemala. It is an enormous and beautiful complex with limestone formations of extraordinary beauty. Lanquin caves is also a sacred site used by many of the Mayas from all over Guatemala, who believe the cave is the “heart of heaven”, and that in the depths of the cave “the secret of centuries is hidden”.

There are many things to see here, such as a sharp-pointed rock altar, where modern Mayan people carry out ceremonies and rituals the same way their ancestors used to do. Also, from the depths of the cave, the Lanquin River emerges.

Guide to Visiting the Caves of Lanquin Guatemala

As a matter of fact, no-one has ever discovered the end of this cave system, but there is a 400m lighted trail inside that takes you for a 45 min round trip. There are bridges and stairs to facilitate access, however, it is always humid and a bit slippery.

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Natural Monument Semuc Champey

Semuc Champey is located 11km to the south of Lanquin town. There is a 300m long limestone bridge, on top of which there are several natural pools of different sizes filled with crystalline mountain spring water. The pools are 3-14 ft. deep and form a 40ft waterfall.

K’anba Caves

To get there, you’ll see a large metal bridge over the Cahabon River and a trail that leads from the bridge to a shelter below the cave entrance. It is located about 500 ft. before the entrance to Semuc Champey. This is also the starting point for tubing tours in the Cahabon River.

Visiting the Caves of Lanquin Guatemala

Yaxlik Cave

Here you can see stalactites and stalagmites, a large bat population, spiders, and crabs. It is muddy and slippery and has some rooms that are very steep to enter, making it necessary to use ropes. So this would be perfect for those looking for some extra excitement. To get there, you will have to take a 45 min hike and caving takes about 1 hour. The nearby villagers use the cave for ceremonies.

El Cabro Waterfall

El Cabro waterfall is located in the village of Chitzubil in a forested valley to the northeast of Lanquin. It is a series of waterfalls, some of which reach 70ft and form small pools where you can swim. This is the perfect place for travelers looking for unique, almost untouched places in Guatemala to visit. There is no infrastructure, so it is highly recommended to have the company of a local guide at all times.

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Guide to Visiting the Caves of Lanquin Guatemala

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