Land Transportation from Costa Rica to Nicaragua


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There used to be quite a lot of different shuttles that you were able to take from Costa Rica to get to Nicaragua because if you’re in Liberia or the Guanacaste region, which is the northern part of Costa Rica, you don’t need to fly into Nicaragua. Today we’re going to be talking about land transportation from Costa Rica to Nicaragua or vice versa.

Ground Transportation from Costa Rica to Nicaragua.

You could easily cross the border and get to San Juan Del Sur, which is one of the most popular towns in southern Nicaragua. It’s also the Surf town. I have an entire podcast about San Juan Del Sur, so please make sure to go and listen to it.

So you could easily cross the Nicaragua-Costa Rica border within about 2 to 3 hours max. See here how to get from Liberia to San Juan del Sur, there are plenty of ways you can do it.

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Local Transportation

One way, obviously, you could go local. You could take the local transportation. Absolutely no certainty about how long that will take because it can take quite a while, especially after the border when you’re looking for the public bus. Make sure to go and listen to my podcast about crossing the border from Costa Rica to Nicaragua as well to understand all that goes along with it. So yes, you could definitely do it.

Public transportation most likely will take you almost the entire day. If you have that much time for the adventure, give it a shot.

Private Shuttle

If not, it’s not that expensive to do a private shuttle if there are three or more of you because then it costs pretty much the same. If you’re going with a collective shuttle, it’s about $150 more or less.

That doesn’t include anything at the border, but it never does. You have to pay for that separately. And again, I have that all in my other episode.

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Collective Shuttle

Or you could take a collective shuttle. Today, there are very few collective shuttles left.

Caribe Shuttle is one of the few ones that are remaining and still going. It is a very reliable service, and they leave every day at 9 am from Liberia. Or you could also get it from La Fortuna, Arenal area. It’s a little bit more expensive because it’s a lot further away. You have to add an extra 3 hours to that drive, so they leave a lot earlier.

So make sure you know where you want to go from. And then you cross over to Nicaragua to San Juan Del sur. That is the location that they will take you to.

It’s the exact same thing from San Juan del Sur. Again, you need to tell them which hotel to be picked up from.

They’ll be picking you up and bringing you wherever you need to go, either in Liberia or in La Fortuna. So those are the three ways that you could really get across. You cannot rent a car and drive through different countries. Also, if you do have a car, you have to make sure that it is registered. It has all the insurance.

It could become a little bit of a hassle, but if you have all the paperwork, you could certainly be done quite easily. So those are the main ways to cross the border and to go from Costa Rica into Nicaragua, or Nicaragua to Costa Rica.

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Last Updated on November 19, 2023

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