La Rosaleda Malaga Football Club Stadium Tour

La Rosaleda Malaga FC Stadium Tour - Malaga CF

For our family trip to Spain everyone had certain criteria of what they HAD to experience. Even if the rest of the family wasn’t 100% keen on the activity, we joined in because we knew it would be reciprocated by others.

In this case, football stadium tour hopping was one way of getting my oldest to do other activities, which he definitely wouldn’t be up for unless there was a reward like a road trip around Andalusia. In this post, I’m going to talk about LA Rosaleda Football Club in Malaga.

Malaga FC Stadium

Naturally we visited Bernabeu, Real Madrid and Camp Nou, Barca team. And right in between those two, we had the pleasure of visiting La Rosaleda, Malaga’s Football Stadium.

La Rosaleda Malaga FC Stadium Tour

La Rosaleda Stadium Surprised Us

When you visit the top teams in the world, i.e. Real Madrid and Barca, you expect to see the best of the best. Since I don’t have any reference points of what football stadium tours are to be like, I would imagine they were top-notch.

However, by the time we arrived at Malaga’s Football Club we did have a reference point – Bernabeu. So I can genuinely say I can compare it to the best in the world.

And you know what?

It deserves to be in the same class.

OK, so the team itself is nowhere near as fantastic and skilled as Real Madrid or FC Barcelona, but the stadium definitely was. Minus 50,000 seats (Real Madrid can fit 85,000 people per game, while Malaga only has 35,000).

players seats - La Rosaleda Malaga FC Stadium Tour

The layout of the tour was great with plenty of walks down history lane.

old tour bus - La Rosaleda Malaga FC Stadium Tour
Old Tour Bus for Malaga FC

Visits to the lockers and press room.

locker room - La Rosaleda Malaga FC Stadium Tour

What we loved most was that it didn’t feel like a huge conglomerate or business machine as the others. It was more personal.

And at the end, we preferred this one to the world’s best.

Learn More About Tourism in Malaga in Person

Address: Oficina  Central   Plaza  de  la  Marina ,11.

Tel.: 34 951 926 020

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