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A Father and Son Activity at La Rocalla Guatemala Climbing Gym

My husband is a climbing junkie. Everywhere we travel to, he asks if there is a climbing gym nearby. Which, if you know the world of rock climbers, it’s really the only way to be. Because if you’re not obsessed with it, you’re really not into it, and you won’t make any progress.

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La Rocalla Guatemala Climbing Gym

Not only is he fanatical, but he also claims that this is his church and there is nothing more holy than touching the rock. I don’t know about that one, but I do know that he comes back home as a new person every time he climbs either at the gym or on-site.

His goal is to get our son (s) into it as much as he is (2020 update – they already are competitive climbers and love it even more than their dad). His reasoning for it is that chances are our boys will align themselves with other climbing buddies and have less of a chance to get involved in drugs and other bad things. I’m all for that.

Plus, since we’re on the move quite often, living in different countries, it’s a great way to make instant friends.

But with all big ideas and cool thoughts, it starts with the first steps. B-boy and International Dad have been going to the gym, La Rocalla in Guatemala City, for a while now. And International Dad has even ventured out with our son to the rock. There is a great place near Guatemala City called Amatitlan with some great rocks.

But that didn’t work out too well, because to get to the climbing site you have to walk at least 20 minutes. And like all kids, B boy is not at all into that! Maybe in the future, it will work better.

So after a few times at the gym, B-boy has begged me to come and see them climb with K-boy. So I finally did, I jumped in the car with them and headed to the climbing gym in Guatemala City.

I know I’m the mom doing the talking here, but I have to say my husband was right – B-boy is a natural! He has always loved climbing all over the furniture at home but seeing him here made me feel like this is where he belongs.

Me on the other hand, I just loved the cushions on the floor. This is my way of hanging out at a rock climbing gym!

Another 2020 update: La Rocalla gym closed a couple of years ago but they still have an adventure travel equipment store. Our new climbing hub has become en Qubo climbing Gym. It is amazing! You can read our review about Qubo Climbing Gym in Antigua here.

3 thoughts on “A Father and Son Activity at La Rocalla Guatemala Climbing Gym

  1. I wrote a post about my husband for Father’s Day today, too. Aren’t our kids lucky to have involved dads?

  2. Love these pictures! My son tried a climbing wall today, so far he does not have his Godfather’s obsession, but who knows…

    1. My son isn’t anywhere near being obsessed, but I think with habit and time, it can be a great way for him to hang out with his dad and eventually some friends.

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