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La Inmaculada Hotel in Guatemala City A Place for a Romantic Escape

Believe it or not, even though living in Antigua, Guatemala sounds romantic it’s similar to everywhere else you live. It becomes commonplace and after a while it’s great to get away for the weekend.

And an even bigger treat when you can get away with your partner, sans kids.

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a couple drinking wine at La Inmaculada Hotel in Guatemala City

Guatemala City is probably the closest option to use with a decent selection of hotels. Since I’m quite selective when it comes to hotels, I was able to narrow down our search quickly.

What I Look For in Hotel

  • Location, location, location – when traveling without kids my husband and I like to be in an area where we can walk around easily. Even though our kids can manage walking around, it’s simply not as joyful when it’s the two of us (I’m sure all parents can relate).
  • Boutique and luxury style hotels – I love boutique hotels. To me they are the essence of what hotels are all about. The style, uniqueness and familiarity of the staff.
  • Packages – the whole fun part of a romantic escape is to have the romantic element in it. Sure we can create it ourselves, however, when the hotel already offers a full package, let’s just say, they know better what the customer will want. And I’ve found that packages are always more economical than preplanning everything separately.
  • Restaurant – even if we decide not to stay for dinner at the hotel, it’s a great option to have. Normally, with past experiences, we always stay for dinner at the hotel, the convenience of it is too tempting to leave the place.

La Inmaculada Hotel 

Taken all these into account,La Inmaculada Hotel in Guatemala City won the prize.

Here’s why La Inmaculada Hotel Was the One:

My main focus was on Zone 10, otherwise known as “Zone Viva”. This is the most popular place for restaurants, shops and malls that are literally within walking distance on large streets and boulevards.

Proximity to it all was an instant plus.

This is the epitome of a boutique hotel: small, luxurious and stylish.

And they offered a Romantic Package. Interestingly and surprisingly enough, when I booked the package deal and upon arrival we realized we got way more than is offered on the website, at no extra charge.

What the Romantic Package Includes

Arrival – when we arrived the hotel receptionist was waiting for us. Even if you’re not doing the package the hotel offers a How Do You Like Your Coffee option. This is a room service option and you can choose a number of different coffee options to be brought to your room at a certain hour for breakfast.

NOTE: They are very punctual, so make sure you give them the hour you want. Also, for tea drinkers – like me – you can get a great cup of tea instead of coffee.

Services – with the romantic package you get a couples massage. This is not stated on the website so was a super awesome treat that we weren’t expecting at all. Yet once offered couldn’t wait for it.

spa at La Inmaculada Hotel in Guatemala City

NOTE: You need to give them about 1.5 hours notice or more for the massage, but now that you are reading this post, you can arrange the massage at a certain hour once you arrive.

You can choose between three different types of massage: the signature massage, the deep tissue massage or detoxifying massage.

There is a spa room which has new massage tables and the masseuses are super professional.

woman in a couples massage at La Inmaculada Hotel in Guatemala City

The Room Decoration – roses, roses and more roses. We had a beautiful bouquet waiting for us.

roses at a La Inmaculada Hotel room in Guatemala City

But my favorite part was the bed decoration.

romantic package and decoration at La Inmaculada Hotel in Guatemala City

Dessert and Wine – you also get a bottle of wine. You can chose between red or white. You can also tell them when you want it, and if you want it in your room or in the garden.

We had our wine with dinner. And the wine wasn’t some cheap wine you get at the local supermarket. It was top quality Argentinian.

wine and dinner at La Inmaculada Hotel in Guatemala City

Book Your Room at La Inmaculada Hotel

You also get chocolate covered fruit. This was a huge platter, so if you’re eating out in a restaurant near the hotel, don’t get any dessert. Or if you’re eating with them, just ask to have it served after dinner. Or have it sent to your room. It’s up to you.

fruit in chocolate at La Inmaculada Hotel in Guatemala City

Room Service – Breakfast is included in the stay, for all guests. You can meander down to the restaurant, or be lazy like us, and have it come up in your room – no extra charge.

breakfast in bed - La Inmaculada Hotel in Guatemala City

More Fun Features of the Inmaculada Hotel

Courtyard – the hotel has a lovely courtyard that you can work in peacefully

garden at La Inmaculada Hotel in Guatemala City

Wifi – Yes, the hotel has free wifi. But, interestingly enough, out of all the hotels we’ve stayed at in Guatemala, they had by far the fasted of all.

Parking – The hotel is located in a city and they have a large, extremely secure parking lot.

Location – I mentioned this before that it’s in a prime location for all the hot spots. However, it’s also very convenient to the Guatemala City airport only about 10 minutes away. Plus it’s near museums, historic and cultural buildings, as well as large malls, the zoo and even a botanical garden.

Video Fun

Fun Facts About La Inmaculada Hotel

  • The hotel won two Traveler’s Choice Awards by TripAdvisor in 2013
  • It is also one of the “Top 20 Small Hotels in Guatemala”, and one of Guatemala’s “Top 25 Hotels for Service”

Information for La Inmaculada Hotel

Address: 14 calle 7-88, Zona 10, Guatemala City, Guatemala.
Phone: (502) 2314 5100

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