La Inmaculada Hotel in Guatemala City A Place for a Romantic Escape

As I stood in the heart of Guatemala City, the vibrant capital of this captivating Central American country, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of anticipation. 

My partner and I had been planning a romantic escape for months, and we had chosen La Inmaculada Hotel as our haven for the next few days. 

Nestled in the historic center of the city, this boutique hotel promised an experience like no other. It was time to embark on a journey of love and adventure at this beautiful location.

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la inmaculada hotel guatemala city
La Inmaculada Hotel is one of the top hotels in Guatemala City, situated in a privileged area called Zone 10, it not only has great amenities and services, but it’s also close to several attractions!

My Hotel Preferences

Location is key 

When my husband and I travel without our kids, we prefer being in a walkable area. While our kids can manage exploring, it’s just not as enjoyable when it’s just the two of us (I’m sure many parents can relate).

Boutique and Style

We’re particularly drawn to boutique and luxury-style hotels. For us, they embody the essence of what a hotel should be: style, uniqueness, and a welcoming staff.


The beauty of a romantic escape is having that element of romance built in. Although we can create it ourselves, hotels that offer complete packages often understand their customers’ desires better.

Plus, I’ve found that packages tend to be more economical than planning everything separately.

Onsite Restaurant

Having an on-site restaurant is a great convenience, even if we decide not to dine there. More often than not, experiences have seen us choose to stay for dinner at the hotel; the allure of convenience is hard to resist.

a couple drinking wine at La Inmaculada Hotel in Guatemala City
La Inmaculada Hotel will also include a bottle of wine, and you can choose between red or white, and where to drink it. The wine wasn’t cheap or bad, it was a high-quality one from Argentina

Where is La Inmaculada Hotel Located?

La Inmaculada Hotel is located at Zone 10, also known as “Zone Viva,” a bustling center for restaurants, shops, and malls, easily accessible via broad streets and boulevards. The immediate closeness to everything was a significant advantage. It was my main area of interest since Guatemala City has many different zones and each has something unique.

It’s also very convenient to the Guatemala City airport only about 10 minutes away. Plus it’s near museums, historic and cultural buildings, as well as large malls, the zoo, and even a botanical garden.

What truly caught my attention was their romantic package. To my great satisfaction, after making our reservation and arriving at the hotel, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that we received additional perks beyond what had initially been outlined on the website, and there were no additional fees involved.

Arrival at La Inmaculada Hotel

From the moment we arrived at La Inmaculada Hotel, it was evident that our romantic trip had commenced. The hotel’s architecture exuded old-world charm, and its beautiful facade transported us back in time. The friendly staff greeted us with warm smiles, making us feel right at home. 

As we checked in, the receptionist shared a brief history of the hotel, which was once a colonial mansion, and explained how it had been lovingly restored to its former glory. The hotel’s commitment to preserving Guatemala’s rich heritage immediately captivated us.

To experience the charm of this exquisite hotel, secure your reservations today.

Tip: Guatemala City is a safe place for tourists, but be aware!

The biggest issue is theft.

Get travel insurance before starting your journey.

I recommend Visitors Coverage.

Elegance of the Rooms

Our room at La Inmaculada was a true masterpiece. It was spacious, elegantly decorated, and exuded a romantic ambiance. The tasteful blend of contemporary comforts and traditional Guatemalan elements made us feel like we were staying in a luxurious oasis. 

The room featured a king-sized bed with fine linens, a cozy sitting area, and a charming balcony overlooking a courtyard filled with lush greenery. The soft, warm lighting added to the romantic atmosphere, making it the perfect setting for our escape.

Café Despierto

One of the highlights of our stay was dining at Café Despierto, the hotel’s on-site restaurant. The dining area was a masterpiece of design, with high ceilings, wooden beams, and a glass chandelier. The menu was a gastronomic journey through Guatemalan cuisine, featuring a fusion of flavors and textures that left our taste buds tingling.

For our main course, we savored perfectly cooked steaks, tender and juicy, accompanied by a flavorful assortment of local vegetables. The wine list was extensive, and the recommendations perfectly complemented our meal.

Throughout our dinner, the attentive service and romantic ambiance created a cozy atmosphere. It was a dining experience that we will cherish for a lifetime.

wine and dinner at La Inmaculada Hotel in Guatemala City
The dining area was remarkable, fancy, and well taken care of. It gave you a cozy but romantic atmosphere and feeling.

Sunsets on the Rooftop Terrace

Each evening, we made it a point to watch the sunset from the hotel’s rooftop terrace. The view was nothing short of spectacular, with the setting sun casting a warm, golden hue over the city. 

Guatemalan Coffee Culture

Guatemala is renowned for its coffee, and La Inmaculada made sure we got a taste of this local treasure. Every morning, we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at the hotel, savoring freshly brewed Guatemalan coffee. The rich, aromatic brew was the perfect start to our days, and it gave us a glimpse into the deep-rooted coffee culture of the region.

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What Does the Romantic Package Entail?


Upon our arrival, the hotel’s receptionist was ready to welcome us. Even if you opt not to choose the package, the hotel provides a How Do You Like Your Coffee? option. This is a room service feature, allowing you to select from a variety of coffee options to be delivered to your room at a specified breakfast time. It’s worth noting that their punctuality is impressive. For those who prefer tea, like myself, you can indulge in a delightful cup of tea as an alternative to coffee.

breakfast in bed - La Inmaculada Hotel in Guatemala City
Breakfast is included in the stay, for all guests and you can choose where to have it. You can go down to the restaurant, or get it in your room – no extra charge.


The romantic package includes a couples massage, a delightful surprise not mentioned on the website. This was an exceptional treat that we hadn’t anticipated, but we eagerly looked forward to it. 

Please keep in mind that you should provide them with approximately 1.5 hours of notice or more to schedule the massage. 

But here’s a handy tip: now that you’re reading this post, you can arrange the massage at a specific time upon your arrival. 

You have the choice of three different massage types: 

  • Signature massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Detoxifying massage. 

The spa room features brand-new massage tables, and the masseuses are exceptionally professional.

woman in a couples massage at La Inmaculada Hotel in Guatemala City
An incredible highlight of the Inmaculada Hotel was the spa room with new massage tables and professional masseuses.

Room Decoration

Be prepared for a profusion of roses to greet you. A beautiful bouquet of roses awaited us, setting a romantic atmosphere. However, my personal favorite was the bed decoration.

roses at a La Inmaculada Hotel room in Guatemala City
Roses, roses, and more roses. We had a a beautiful bouquet of roses awaited us
romantic package and decoration at La Inmaculada Hotel in Guatemala City
My favorite part was the bed decoration, so, be prepared for a profusion of roses to greet you, setting a romantic atmosphere. However, my personal favorite was the bed decoration.

Dessert and Wine

As part of the package, you’ll also receive a bottle of wine, with the option to select between red and white. You can specify when and where you’d like to enjoy it, be it in your room or in the garden. We chose to savor our wine with dinner, and it was not just any wine; it was top-quality Argentinian wine, a true indulgence.

fruit in chocolate at La Inmaculada Hotel in Guatemala City
You also get a huge platter of chocolate-covered fruit. If you are full just ask to have it sent to your room and enjoy it later.

Additional Features of La Inmaculada Hotel

Courtyard:The hotel boasts a peaceful courtyard, suitable for work or relaxation.
WiFi:The hotel offers fast and free WiFi, outperforming other options in Guatemala.
Parking:A secure parking lot is available for guests, ensuring the safety of their vehicles.
Location:The hotel is not only centrally located for the city’s hotspots but is also just 10 minutes from the Guatemala City airport. Nearby attractions include museums, historic sites, large malls, the zoo, and a botanical garden.

Notable Awards

  • In 2013, this hotel earned the prestigious accolade of two Traveler’s Choice Awards from TripAdvisor.
  • It was honored as one of the “Best 20 Boutique Hotels in Guatemala” and also distinguished as one of the “Top 25 Hotels in Guatemala for Outstanding Service”.

Contact Information

  • Address: 14 Calle 7-88, Zona 10, Guatemala City, Guatemala
  • Phone: (502) 2314-5100

My Unforgettable Memories

Our romantic escape to La Inmaculada Hotel in Guatemala City was filled with unforgettable memories. The hotel’s commitment to preserving Guatemala’s legacy, its dining experiences, and its prime location in the heart of the city made it the perfect choice for our getaway.

As we checked out and said goodbye to this charming oasis, we couldn’t help but feel a sense of gratitude. La Inmaculada not only provided us with a beautiful setting for our romantic escape, but it also allowed us to immerse ourselves in the culture, history, and culinary delights of Guatemala.

Final Thoughts

For any couple seeking a romantic escape that combines luxury, culture, and adventure, La Inmaculada Hotel in Guatemala City is a true gem waiting to be discovered. It’s a place where love blossoms, where history comes to life, and where unforgettable moments are created.

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Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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