La Bruja Restaurant, Antigua: Most Popular Vegan Food Around


la bruja restaurant antigua

Source: HappyCowToday we’re gonna be talking about La Bruja restaurant in Antigua, Guatemala. Are you guys ready for an adventure? Let’s begin.

The coolest thing about Antigua is these little courtyards that are all over the place, these doorways that open up to these huge courtyards. A lot of times the huge courtyard is owned just by one restaurant. Sometimes there are multiple different restaurants. It’s a very common thing to see. You enter the Hacienda style entryways, which were, you know, at one point colonial homes and now have been reformatted, I guess, into either restaurants, stores, or office spaces.

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La Bruja Restaurant, Antigua

There’s this one area right on the main street in Antigua where they have about six or seven different restaurants, all one on top of like next to one another, that share the courtyard. And they have their tables right there.

And one of them is La Bruja. That’s the name of the restaurant. La Bruja is probably one of the most popular vegetarian restaurants in Antigua.

La Bruja is one of our favorite places to go. It’s delicious. It’s located in this really cool courtyard with about six other restaurants. So you get to hear and feel the energy of all the different types of restaurants there, and the people, and it’s just lovely.

vegan hamburger la bruja restaurant antigua guatemala
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The Food

They have a lot of really yummy food. The owners, I think, are Uruguayan or Argentinian, so they bring that South American flair to it. And they’re really well known for their burger, their vegetarian burger bar. And I mean, you could stack up so that you choose between like four or five different toppings and salsa, all and sauces that are made right there. Homemade for you.

And they could be falafel sandwich, tempeh, portobello, lentil. There’s all these different types of burgers. And you could put all these different yummy toppings on top of fresh veggies and vegan cheeses or regular cheeses, vegan mayonnaise, or regular mayonnaise. So that is really what they’re well known for. And their fries are really delicious.

They have either sweet potato fries or regular fries. And they have salads, and they have these Argentinian empanadas. They are really well known as well. Again, all vegetarian. You can get vegan options.

They have a great vegan options menu as well. So this is one of our favorite restaurants to visit. It’s delicious. The burger isn’t that cheap. It’s probably around $12, but it’s certainly well worth the money and the experience.

It’s an adorable place. I really recommend checking it out.

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Last Updated on September 29, 2023

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