Kombu Ramen Shop, Antigua: Best Option for Ramen in Antigua


ramen from kombu ramen shop antigua guatemala

Today we’re going to be talking about Kombu Ramen Shop in Antigua, Guatemala. Are you guys ready for an adventure? Let’s begin.

Kombu is considered one of the most popular, most authentic ramen noodles restaurants in Antigua, Guatemala. The chef is quite creative. They did bring and import an actual ramen noodle maker from Japan. So in that respect, it definitely is probably the most authentic that you will have fun probably in all of Guatemala. To be honest with you, this is without a doubt one of my kids favorite restaurants. They love ramen.

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Kombu Ramen Shop, Antigua

It’s a really cute little restaurant. It’s small. They have ramen kits that you could take to go. They’re literally like full kits that you just warm up at home. So it’s kind of cool in that respect.

If you are a ramen lover, not so much my husband and I. Every time we go there, yes, it’s good ramen, and my kids absolutely love it and a lot of people love it. So if you are into the ramen experience, this is definitely a great place to go to. As I said, it is a tiny little café restaurant with only maybe like five to eight tables at the most. Pretty small.

You cannot make reservations. So it’s kind of a first come, first serve kind of deal. So you do need to understand that, again, what we also do, because sometimes it’s just too crowded, or we don’t feel like waiting or whatever, we order the kitchen and you can just come and pick it up. I think you can do it with Uber Eats.

It’s not the cheapest restaurant by far. It’s not super expensive, either. It’s mid-range. The products, the food, and the dishes are definitely fresh ingredients.

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Last Updated on September 29, 2023

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