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Knock Out Microsoft AZ-103 Exam Using Practice Tests and Claim Your Own Cloud Credential

The roller-coaster like change that always engulfs the IT sector leaves everyone at a loss… or does it? Of course, firms struggle because long-term investments become outmoded with the snap of a finger. And obviously, redundancies of IT workers start piling because their services are no longer required.How you can use practice tests to knock out your Microsoft AZ-103 Exam and get your cloud credential.Learn all about Microsoft AZ-103 Exam.

Microsoft Has Your Back

Microsoft AZ-103 Exam

But it would be ignorant to overlook all the opportunities tailing this transformation. Countless new job roles sprout up everywhere, just waiting to be capitalized on. And Microsoft helps you be ready to make the most of these prospects.

They offer a spectrum of 130+ IT exams that can ingrain invaluable skills & grant coveted certifications. No matter which technical occupation you choose, Microsoft has the right tests for you! And in this article, we’ll have a look at AZ-103 assessment that relates to a recent Azure solution. If you wrap up this single test smoothly, then you’ll be rewarded with the ‘Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate’ badge.

Colors of Exam AZ-103 & Certification

If you settled for a career as an Azure Administrator that means you’re highly involved with the networking, security, storage, and compute elements of cloud services. You’re also engaged with cloud infrastructure applications & environments, and know the precise cloud features to deploy in order to achieve peak performance.

If this is you and you desire a credential as recognition for your talent, then the Microsoft exam you should be tracking down is AZ-103: Microsoft Azure Administrator. The registration fee for this ability-enhancing journey is $165 and it assesses you on how well you can handle Azure’s virtual machines, virtual networks, resources, storage, subscriptions, and identities.

Top Two Prep Books

Now we need to hop on over to because there are stellar books that crave your attention:

  • First off, ‘Exam Ref AZ-103 Microsoft Azure Administrator’ by Michael Washam is Microsoft’s official paperback. The pages within aim to help you develop a solid acumen for thinking critically and making optimal decisions; capabilities IT professionals need in the real world.
  • For more on the practice, you could explore ‘Exam AZ-103 Study & Lab Guide: Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator’ by Harinder Kohli, a Cloud and Virtual Data Centre Architect. The textbook comes loaded with lab exercises that not only assist you to get that Azure Administrator credential but also allow you to pick up lasting competencies.

Bring Your “A-Game” with Practice Tests

Another powerful asset that you should be going crazy over is On this site, you can get the latest practice tests for AZ-103 uploaded by previous examinees for free or purchase IT expert-verified materials. Incorporating these ete files with questions and answers as you prep not only helps learn faster but gives an insight into the real exam because when you open them with the ETE Exam Simulator the whole AZ-103 testing environment will be mirrored for you.

Grow Bigger with Microsoft Certifications

Be it in terms of promotion or pay, a formal credential for the talent you possess can make all the difference; especially when that badge is from Microsoft. So use the books we mentioned and those effective & reliable practice tests from to excel at Microsoft’s AZ-103 on your FIRST go.

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