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Kloster Restaurant, Guatemala: Best Cesar Salad Experience


Kloster Restaurant, Guatemala: Best Cesar Salad Experience

mom and son sitting on a table at kloster in guatemala

We are not the biggest Caesar salad fans at all, but when your caesar salad becomes an experience and after the experience, it actually tastes phenomenal, well you got to think of it, this is definitely the world’s best caesar salad. My kids overall do always order caesar salads whenever we go to restaurants. I personally am not a huge fan of caesar salad, I’ve tried many, but this particular place, called Kloster, is a mini-chain restaurant in Guatemala that makes it all worth it and different. Today we’re going to be talking about the world’s best caesar salad at Kloster Restaurant in Guatemala.

Kloster Restaurant in Guatemala City

They mainly focus on fondues. It’s a Swiss-based restaurant, and is like a mini-chain in Guatemala, we went to one located in Guatemala City.

Caesar Salad At Kloster Restaurant

We ordered the caesar salad and instead of just bringing us a caesar salad, they came out and put on a show. They brought out every ingredient so that we could see them make all the ingredients, and they have perfected it into making it a really fun show, kind of like when you go to a Hibachi restaurant, you know, a Japanese restaurant and instead of just cooking the food on the grill, they actually make it into a show. So it gives that much more flair to it.

Man making a salad cesar at kloster restaurant in guatemala

Fresh ingredients

Kloster restaurant does just that and all the ingredients are super fresh right there made in front of you. So it becomes part of the whole fun and for us just to go to Kloster altogether, it becomes an experience, right, because we’re going for this delicious caesar salad.

Not at all cheap. So don’t go thinking that you’re going to get a salad for the price of a salad. It is almost the price of a normal entrée. But it’s so worth the fun, to be honest, we just go for the caesar salad. Sometimes if there’s four of us we get two large ones, and they make you these two beautiful salads and some drinks, and you’re pretty full. I mean, it’s a filling salad. We normally go to the Kloster in Cayala. Ciudad Cayala which I have an entire podcast for when you are visiting Guatemala City. But they do have other locations as well. 

💡 You can listen to the full Ciudad Cayala, Guatemala podcast here


If you have a chance, and you enjoy caesar salads, and you want to see it done in a really fun way. Go and check out this restaurant. It definitely is fun. They mainly focus on fondue. We have ordered that before, it’s just way too heavy for us. We are not fondues fans, but they do have a wide variety of fondues for you to choose from like for meat, bread, chocolates, you name it. So if you are in town, check this restaurant out.

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