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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines: Riding to the Rescue through Social Media

Occasionally, there is an example of marketing or customer service that transcends a specific industry and truly takes your breath away. Perhaps the best recent example came in the form of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and their unique #happytohelp Twitter campaign, where the brand’s customer service team stationed themselves at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam and spent five days listening to and resolving traveler queries. The world ‘travelers’ is key, as the brand distinguished their campaign as being truly innovative by extending this service to customers across all airlines.

Royal Dutch Airlines

This is unheard of in a competitive and occasionally cut-throat market, but KLM Royal Dutch Airlines have decided to remain true to their core values and deliver this to travelers as a universal demographic. Perhaps the only thing more surprising than this was the incredible ways in which the brand was able to help stricken customers. Take Eva, for example, you need a wake-up call for an exceptionally early flight. Or little baby Sean, who with the help of a KLM lullaby was able to finally get to sleep. These moments are truly priceless, while they also showcase a leading brand with an incredible and entirely indiscriminate commitment to customer service.

To find out more, check out the #happytohelp video highlights through YouTube below.

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