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Visiting the Kids Museum – Museo de los Ninos in Guatemala City

With my husband working a lot lately, I wanted to do something different with my kids.

I decided on a staycation, of sorts, to Guatemala City. We have been to Guate several times, however, I wanted to do the full-on family trip.

I have heard of INGUAT, Instituto Guatemalteco de Turismo (Guatemala’s Tourism Board and Institue), on many occiasions for being the best organization to contact for itineraries, ideas and guided tours. They work really hard at ensuring safety and are a government organization.

INGUAT doesn’t do the actual guiding, but they hire or recommend private tour agencies to be with you. Norman, from Turismo Chapin, was our lucky guy.

Our 1st Stop – The Kids Museum – Museo de los Ninos in Guatemala City

We have been to Museo de los Ninos several times before, but it’s been a long while and my four year old boy was too young to really enjoy the place.

We have visited many, many kids museums all over the world and every time I am more and more impressed with the quality of this museum.

The hands on and personal attention is outstanding – there are over 40 different exhibits, and for each one there is a person working it.

marimba - museo del niño guatemala - kids museum

And even if the museum fills up, they only take a small group at a time to educate the kids so that each child has the specialized attention they need and to fully understand what each exhibit is about.

They have such a high variety of exhibits as well.

astronauts, el museo de los niños, Guatemala City

You can learn all about earthquakes

earthquake education, el museo de los niños, Guatemala City

How to make paper

how to make paper, el museo de los niños, Guatemala City

Play with balls

balls dropping, kids museum, guatemala city

Learning about electricity and taking the fear away from what it is all about

electrifying, el museo de los niños, Guatemala City

Bubble mania

bubble mania, el museo de los niños, Guatemala City

Plus, there is story time. This show is short, no more than 15 minutes, but entertaining and keeps the kids (of all ages) totally participating.

story time at el museo de los niños, Guatemala City

And afterwards they chose two kids to do a fun activity as well. Luckily, my oldest boy was chosen. But it was a tie and he didn’t win anything (this time).

participation at el museo de los niños, Guatemala City

These are just a few of the exhibits you will see here, they have everything from learning about the human body to farm animals to even food shopping.

kids museum, guatemala city

Video Fun

Working With a Private Tour Guide

Even though the museum itself has so many people working one-on-one or in small groups, it was super helpful to have Norman with us because the Museum workers don’t speak any English. So for translating purposes this was perfect.

However, Norman was our guide for the two day family fun trip we did in Guatemala City, so he was great to have around. Especially since I was doing a single parent trip, and having a helpful, friendly hand was worth its weight in gold for me.

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