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Kids Beach Towel: One Step Ahead Beach Towel Bag

Going to the pool or beach is always a hassle in my house. My kids hate my beach towels. Instead of forcing them to use mine, it was time to find some really fun kids beach towel, especially for my nine year old who is extremely vocal about what he likes and dislikes.

After some intense searching online I showed him One Step Ahead’s website and asked him what he thought. Instantly, he yelled out: “I’m not a baby, why are you looking there for me.” But when I showed him the towel I wanted for him, he softened up and listened. They have a lot of cool products for kids of all ages.

Basically, no boy can resist a towel covered with sharks of different colors and their teeth on display.

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Features of One Step Ahead Kids Beach Towel

  • When the towel arrived, we spent over one hour taking it out of it’s own beach bag.
kids beach towel in a bag
  • And the bag itself was a huge hit. First he loved putting it on him.
  • Unraveling it.
beach towel for kids
  • Being in awe of all the sharks and their huge mouths/li>
Kids Beach Towel
  • Softness to lay on.
beach towel with sharks
  • We love, LOVE, the bag idea. It makes it so easy to work with.
  • The design – of course
  • After you open it up, it has two pockets in it. You can stuff them and make it into a comfortable pillow or simply put your stuff in it.
beach towel with pockets
  • Very affordable!
  • Tuck over flap – which lays perfectly on a beach lounge chair.

My Take On It

It’s obvious the towel is a big success. We’ve already taken it for Splash Day at school and when he went swimming with his friends.

The one thing I found difficult is putting it back in the bag. After many, many, tries it can never fit the way it first was when we got it. Even with the instructions that is sent with the towel, it just doesn’t fit. And that’s with me working on it. When my son attempts it, all he does is stuff it in which is complicated since you need to turn the bag inside out.

Regardless, if it keeps its shape or not, the towel is the perfect addition for our swim days and everyone is happy!

Where to Buy it

I found the buying process very easy via their website. Plus, whenever you go on it, you will almost always find a discount or special sale. So make sure to keep up with what they are doing.

Kids Beach Towel – One Step Ahead Review


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