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Kid Friendly Vacations – 4 of the Best Activities

Going on Kid Friendly Vacations can feel overwhelming at times when choosing the best activities to keep their short attention spans entertained. Many parents go on vacation with their children only to find when they arrive they are focused on trying to keep the children from bouncing off of the walls instead of being able to focus on relaxing and enjoying their destination.

Let’s face it, kids don’t get the same kind of joy as adults from the joy of doing nothing. Therefore it is important to map out some activities for your trip that will keep the kids busy but also provide enjoyment for you and your partner. Here are some of the best ideas for kid-friendly activities on vacation.

Kid Friendly Vacations

4 Ideas for a Kid Friendly Vacations

Tours and Cruises

Taking a tour is a great way to keep the kids busy and also engage yourself in an activity which is stimulating and fun. There are a variety of different tours that you can choose from. A nature tour or a tour of the city is a great way to get the kids walking and exploring. Or perhaps taking a cruise is the best option for your family.

Often you can find out tour and cruise information prior to arriving at your destination by looking at any tourism website, otherwise, any information kiosk at the hotel or airport should have some different options for you to look at.

Amusement Parks

Depending on the destination of your vacation, you can often find amusement parks suited for children of all ages. This can be a little less than exciting for the adults, but it makes for a great way to make sure that the kids get their own day of fun.

Websites often offer group deals and discounts offered when staying at certain hotels. Make sure to check with your hotel before booking if they offer any sort of discounts for their guests for any local theme and amusement parks.


One of the most important things to look for when finding accommodations at your destination is a pool. While the ocean is beautiful and natural, sometimes it is nice to be able to monitor the kids swimming in a controlled environment without the worry of waves.

Some hotels even offer swimming classes for all ages which can be a fun activity that the entire family can do together. You’ll need to make sure to pack the proper baby swimwear as well as your own, to make the most of this!


Going to see an entertainment show is an activity that everyone in the family enjoys. Often hotels offer a local entertainment or variety show.

Alternatively, you can look at local listings to see if there are any plays, festivals, or other types of live performance available during your stay. You may find that your concierge has a list at the front desk which you can choose from.

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