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Krakow is one of the most important cities in Poland. That former capital of Poland is a must-have on the sightseeing tour around Krakow for each Pole and not only. Only last year Krakow was visited by almost 13 million tourists, including guests from foreign countries – mainly from Germany, Great Britain, and Italy. Most importantly; however, this amazing city – Krakow, provides attractions not only for adults but for children as well. What are the best attractions in Krakow? Which of them is going to provide the most important things, such as carefree fun, enjoyment, a smile on the kids’ faces, and unforgettable memories? Below we are going to present to you the best attractions in Krakow for children.

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Kid-Friendly Krakow Attractions

Dragon’s Lair

Dragon’s Lair is a cave on the western hillside of Wawel hill that has been popular among kids all the time. The secret cave shrouded in mystery, once inhabited by a dragon, still arouses curiosity. The sculpture of the dragon itself, located at the exit of the cave, fascinates children especially when it unexpectedly spits fire.

Museum of Obwarzanek

Museum of Obwarzanek is the next attraction for children in Krakow. Obwarzanek is not just an ordinary baked goods, it is a symbol of Krakow. Here you can find out more about the unique process of this delicacy production and what is even more valuable for children – make your own. Such a hot and fragrant souvenir from Krakow will make your child smile for sure.

Wieliczka Salt Mine

One of the most popular phrase associated with Krakow and put to the search engine by foreign tourists is:  salt mine Krakow. All the people look for is Wieliczka Salt Mine located near Krakow. This place offers a special play area for children called Solilandia where you can meet some fable characters and encounter some interesting riddles.

Vistula River

A great opportunity for parents with children is Vistula River Cruise. It goes along the most beautiful views and landmarks of Krakow. Some Vistula River Cruises with Dragon and Legends of Krakow are organized for children. During the cruise they can get familiar with the most important legends associated with Krakow. The cruise lasts about an hour so the kids will not have a chance to get bored.

Krakow Aquapark

Most of kids like water activities, such as swimming or splashing. We should not forget about Aquapark in Krakow. It is a perfect place for children. The park offer includes 3 swimming pools with a total area of over 2000 m2, a paddling pool, jacuzzi, different kinds of slides, climbing walls, a wild river, and a lot more. For those children who can’t swim very well, you can buy some swimming lessons.

Jordan Park

Krakow offers a wide selection of interesting playground areas for children. Jordan Park is one of the most fascinating parks. The priority of this place is to provide safety thanks to soft floor. Apart from traditional attractions such as slides, sandpits or swings you can find here houses, mini-castles and drawbridges. Good fun guaranteed!  

The Krakow Zoo

The Krakow Zoo is the next attraction for kids with over 1400 different species of animals living there. Children will find here, for example a giraffe, a hippo, a snow leopard, a tiger, a wolf, a chimpanzee or a penguin.


Klockoland is worth visiting with your kids in Krakow. They will have an opportunity to admire beautiful buildings created from blocks but they can also create their own ones and control the robots made of blocks. Klockoland also organizes workshops on robotics where children can develop their creativity.

The Stanislaw Lem Garden of Experiments

The Stanislaw Lem Garden of Experiments in Krakow is the next great attraction for children that has a positive impact on their development. Thanks to different kinds of devices the kids can use, they can get to know the laws of physics and the operation of their own senses. The Garden of Experiments offers some spectacular shows of scientific experiments and a green maze.

GoJump Park

If, after the entire day spent in Krakow, your child is still full of energy, he or she can run and play at GoJump Park in Krakow. It is the biggest trampoline park in Lesser Poland that offers, apart from different kinds of trampolines, a dodgeball pitch, an obstacle course, a sponge pool, a games room, and a lot more.


Krakow is a perfect place to go for a trip with children regardless of age. Everyone will find something for themselves thanks to numerous attractions. Children will be provided with unforgettable fun and parents will be satisfied. There is only one thing you should do: visit Krakow!

Last Updated on June 1, 2023

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