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5 Adventurous off-road Places a New Jeep Could Take You

There’s so much about international travel that puts you at the whims of others. After getting off your flight, you catch a cab, bus, train, or subway to the next destination. But what if you could hop off of your plane and into a Jeep?Want to take the most about of your new Jeep? Here are 5 off-road places from around the world a new jeep can surely take you.

off-road Places

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Suddenly, the whole world opens up. Here are five places on this planet where a Jeep can take you farther.

Where can I Offload my Jeep?

  1. Africa

Africa’s a big continent, and as a result, many end up spending time in just a country or two. Book a longer stay and get the real rundown when you do some excellent off-roading across multiple countries in a jeep.

Don’t just take a vacation, take an expedition through South Africa, Mozambique, and more. You’ll experience deserts, bush land, and wildlife like you’ve never seen before. Besides, you always can take an African Safari.

  1. Australia

Taking a trip through Australia is the ultimate off road dream. Take a small group through the Canning Stock Route in Western Australia, or get the best views after surmounting the tough terrain at Victorian High Country and Billy Goats Bluff.

off-road Places

It’s a country that welcomes off-roaders with open arms, providing many trails for you to put your Jeep to the test.

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  1. United States

Can your Jeep climb 3,000 feet? Find out on Colorado’s Black Bear Road to Telluride, but be sure to stop at Bridal Veil Falls. West Virginia is also known as Wild and Wonderful for a good reason. The Mountain State is largely rural and forested and has a thriving off-roading community.

If you want mountains and deserts, look into one of the many popular trails available in Utah or California. There are many great places to visit in the US.

  1. Iceland

People who travel to Iceland often think they found a gorgeous, quaint country all their own, mostly because it’s sparsely populated. But the people who do live there adore off-roading, and as such, the trails there are for advanced challengers only.

If you have the skills, it’ll be worth it as you traverse land that offers lakes, volcanoes, fjords and glaciers, gullies, and rustic, homespun accommodations. If you want to document your trip, this place is a feast for the eyes.

  1. India

If you really want to set yourself free on the road, take your Jeep to India, where there are few hard and fast rules for driving. Add in the fact that pavement is not well maintained, if it exists at all, and you’ve got the ultimate challenge.

You’ll have to choose between the rainy season and the dry, and each poses its own unique challenges, from virtual ponds in the middle of the road to extreme potholes and debris. Stay alert, and you’ll be rewarded with a country and culture you won’t soon forget.

Whether you’re too used to the trails where you live, or looking to make your vacation a real adventure, ride away from your comfort zone in a Jeep. There’s a vast and beautiful world out there – off the beaten path – that you must see from the vantage point of a true explorer.

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