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Key Aspects of Microsoft MS-500 Exam Objectives That You Can Learn Using Practice Tests

The Microsoft MS-500 exam is intended for the Microsoft 365 security administrators. These professionals implement, monitor, and manage security & compliance solutions for the Microsoft 365 & hybrid environments. They proactively secure Microsoft 365 enterprise environments, carry out investigations, respond to threats, and implement data governance. These specialists also collaborate with the business stakeholders, Microsoft 365 enterprise administrators, and other workload administrators to design, plan, implement security strategies, and make sure that the recommended solutions are consistent with the regulations and policies of their organization.

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Those candidates who want to pass Microsoft Exam-Labs MS-500 should be conversant with Microsoft 365 workloads and they also need to have extensive experience and skills in information protection, identity protection, threat protection, data governance, and security management. Their job role focuses on the Microsoft 365 and hybrid environments. This exam is part of the requirements for earning the Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate certificate. As a matter of fact, it is the only test that the students need to pass in order to obtain this credential.

Microsoft MS-500 Exam Topics

This Microsoft test is available in English and Japanese. To register for it, the applicants are required to pay the exam fee of $165. This fee is for the candidates from the USA. Those individuals who are outside of the United States should check the certification page to learn more about the applicable fee in their country of residence. It is essential to mention that there is no retirement date for the Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate certificate.

The Microsoft MS-500 exam evaluates one’s ability to perform certain technical tasks, including implementing and managing identity & access; implementing & managing threat protection; managing governance & compliance characteristics in Microsoft 365; implementing and managing information protection. These technical tasks form the topics of the test. It is important to take notes of the components of these objectives while preparing for the exam so that you can have a holistic understanding of the content.

  • Implementing and Managing Identity & Access: 30-35%

The test takers need to develop competence in securing the Microsoft 365 hybrid environment. This entails managing and configuring security integration elements in Microsoft 365 hybrid environments, which include authentication, synchronization services, and connectivity. The candidates also need to know how to secure user accounts; implement authentication methods, conditional access,RBAC, and Azure AD PIM. It is also essential that they know how to implement Azure Active Directory Identity Protection.

  • Implementing & Managing Threat Protection: 20-25%

The students for Microsoft MS-500 should have the capacity to implement enterprise hybrid threat protection solutions. They also need competence in the areasrelated to the implementation and management of the following:

  • Device threat protection;
  • Application and device protection;
  • Office 365 Messaging Protection ATP;
  • Office 365 threat protection.

It is essential to mention that there are detailed components of these topics and subtopics that the learners need to study in preparation for the exam. No doubt, the subjects of the Microsoft MS-500 test are extensive but with the appropriate materials, the candidates can study and tackle the questions confidently. There are various relevant resources that you can use for your preparation process. The Microsoft Learning platform offers a wide array of tools that you can use to prepare. For additional study materials, Exam-Labs is a leading site to explore. Here you can find numerous training and prep resources that guarantee your exam success at the first attempt.

  • Implementing and Managing Information Protection: 15-20%

This topic requires the examineesto develop skills in securing data access within Office 365. This covers planning secure data access in Office 365; implementing and managing Customer Lockbox; configuring B2B sharing for external users;configuring data access within Office 365 collaboration workloads. The candidates also need competence in managing Azure information protection, managing data loss prevention, andimplementing & managing Microsoft Cloud App security. It is recommended that you check the study guide to understand the depth of what you are required to cover under this objective before attempting your certification exam.

  • Managing Governance & Compliance Features in Microsoft 365: 25-30%

The applicants need skills in configuring and analyzing security reporting. This means they have to be able to analyze Windows Analytics; configure different Windows Telemetry options and Office Telemetry options; as well as interpret & review security dashboards and reports. They should also be able to accomplish the following technical tasks:

  • Manage & analyze audit reports and logs;
  • Configure the classification and labeling of Office 365;
  • Maintain data governance & retention;
  • Manage investigation and search;
  • Maintain data privacy regulation and compliance.

Above is the general scope of what you are expected to study in preparation for your Microsoft MS-500 certification exam.

PreparationResourcesforMicrosoft MS-500 Exam

Microsoft recommends two training options for this exam:the one where you will be led by an instructor and online self-study.

  • Instructor-led training

The instructor-led training course is delivered by a certified Microsoft trainer. Depending on your location, you can access a number of these tutors across the world. It is essential to mention that this is a paid-for training that is usually delivered in an in-classroom style. The training generally takes a couple of days and focuses on the in-depth content of the certification exam. You should check the Microsoft certification page to know more about the certified trainers in your location.

  • Online training

The online training is free and you can access it through the Microsoft Learning platform. For the candidates who do not have a training budget, this preparation option is recommended. In addition to the free resources available on the Microsoft platform, you can also explore other websites that offer study materials for free.

You can also choose braindumps as your key prep tool. Preparing with exam dumps significantly increases your chance of success in the certification test. Exam-Labs offers up-to-date materials that you can use to prepare for your exam. The learners who have used the tools on this site have given excellent reviews on how helpful they are. You can also check these dumps for your Microsoft MS-500.


These were the topics that you need to learn and the ways of how you can do it efficiently to succeed during the Microsoft MS-500 exam. The rest is up to you.

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