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Keeping Up with the Kids on Holiday – Family Safety Tips

Heading on holiday with the kids is an exciting time for everyone. There’s a lot to organize and plan, but you’ll be worrying that you’ve forgotten something all the way there…but after months of planning and excitement, when you finally reach your destination, you need to be thinking about how you can keep the kids safe whilst they’re away from home. It might not be possible to keep an eye on them all the time, but if you prepare them with the correct information and teach them what to do in an emergency, then you might be more comfortable.Five of my best travel tips for going away with the whole family.Take a look at this is a list of travel advice for family safety tips.  

Family Safety Tips

Here you’ll find 5 family safety tips that you can put into action right now.  

Are you covered? 

Whenever you go abroad, investing in travel medical insurance is crucial. Not only will it allow you to enjoy your holiday even more but if something does go wrong, you’ll all be covered and receive the best medical care available. So, before you travel – check out united healthcare travel insurance here – do a little research and take out a policy that will give you true peace of mind.  

Contact details 

If you become separated, which is a possibility on the busy beach or in the local market, ensure that everyone has a set of contact details on them. Your own contact number, the number for the hotel and the address and your (the parents) name. Then have this safely zipped up in a pocket. Or if your child has a mobile then make sure the details are in there – but remember phones can become lost! 

You could even go a step further and purchase an ID bracelet for your child and keep all the relevant information in that.  

Give them instructions 

No one wants to think about it, but if your child does get lost, then they need to know what to do. Training them for this situation can help get them out of trouble and potentially save their life. Explain – don’t frighten them – that if they can’t find you, to approach a police officer or someone in uniform for help. If they can’t anyone authoritative then they should approach another mummy or daddy with children and ask for help. 

Water safety 

We all know of the dangers of water and children. But there are a few extra points you need to make yourself aware of when you’re on holiday. Do a little research and find out about currents and strong tides at the beach, if you’re choosing a resort or public pool make sure it’s secure with a fence and has a locked gate. Also make sure there is a lifeguard on duty at both the pool and the beach.  

Check your room 

When you check in, give the room the once over. Make sure there are no panes of glass that the children could run into or smash, ensure that little ones can’t squeeze between the gaps in the fence around the balcony. And make sure there are no long blind chords that could be a danger.  

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