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Keeping it Fun! How to Party Safely While Traveling

Whether you’re heading halfway across the world or you’re visiting a new county or state, one thing is certain – you’ll have lots of fun planned! Activities, meals out, adventures and plenty of late-night drinking is usually on the cards for those exploring new cities and countries. And as much as making new memories is hugely important, so is keeping yourself safe whilst you’re thousands of miles away from home.How Party Safely While Traveling? Take a look at this list of four tips that will allow you to stay safe while having fun.

Having a drink whilst you’re enjoying yourself is perfectly acceptable, however, knowing your limits is also crucial if you want to have a good time – remember what you got up to and don’t have your trip marred by a terrible accident, a brush with the law or a DUI. Got a DUI in Texas? Click the link for more info.

Party Safely While Traveling

Here we’ll take a look at how you can Party Safely While Traveling

Be wary of measures

If you’re visiting a new country, then you should be wary of what measures you’re being served. Vodka and coke might be something you’re used to back home, but abroad the measures could be double or even triple what you’re expecting. Sure, it’s value for money – but you may get drunker faster than you anticipated.

Don’t drink and swim

Drinking in a beach bar and you suddenly want to cool off in the ocean or in the hotel pool. What could be better? As free-spirited and fun as this sounds, it’s incredibly dangerous. Waves, strong currents, slipping on rocks, hypothermia – the risks are frighteningly endless. If you’ve had a drink, stay away from the water!

Be wary of others

For many of us, enjoying a drink means we lose our inhibitions, we’re relaxed and probably more sociable than normal. That being said, these kinds of traits can lead you into all kinds of trouble, especially if someone wants to take advantage of you. Try to drink within your limits, if you’re with friends stay with them and don’t be lured down an alleyway, into a quiet area or go back to someone else’s hotel/home with them.

Stay safe in the sun

Drinking alcohol will leave you dehydrated, and dehydration combined with the burning sun and sweltering heat is a recipe for disaster. Make sure you drink plenty of water whilst you’re enjoying yourself and keep your sunblock topped up throughout the day. The last thing you want is blistering skin or having to go to the hospital for heatstroke.

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