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How to Keep your Kids Entertained While Traveling

In amongst all the worries about finding passports and applying for your UK EHIC, the thought about how the journey will actually go can completely slip your mind, and when you’re traveling with kids that can be a rookie mistake. Kids aren’t as patient as us adults for as long, and so finding entertainment to keep them going and content for the journey can be a struggle.Five fun things that you can pack with you to manage to entertain kids while traveling. Check this out to learn about traveling with kids

Luckily, we’ve pulled together some of the best ways to keep your kids entertained during the trip. Five fun things that you can pack with you to manage to entertain kids while traveling. Check this out to learn about traveling with kids.

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Keep Your Kids Entertained While Traveling

Manage the expectations your children have

Managing the expectations your kids have for your holiday can be the best way to keep them entertained. If you excite them for your destination, and tell them what to look out for on the way there or what you’ll need to pass before you get there, they’ll entertain themselves by looking for the landmarks that you’ll pass in a car, or the points on the on-screen map you’ll pass on a flight. It’ll stop the ‘are we there yet’ question, and you can even turn it into a game of bingo with snacks as rewards.

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Speaking of snacks, snacks are a foolproof way of keeping children entertained, though obviously only for as long as the snacks last. Stock up on healthy snacks that last a while, and make sure to avoid anything with a high quantity of sugar or risk giving you children a sugar rush in the middle of your journey. Healthy, small snacks mean that you can keep giving them snacks if the other entertainment options don’t seem to be working, all without making them hyper or sick.


Keep toys that you know your children like playing with on hand, as well as a few new ones. Travel coloring sets or loom bands can prove to be effective and cheap new toys that will keep the little ones entertained for a while, but bringing familiar things to play with will give them the comfort of home if they need it. Bring anything small enough to fit in hand luggage that can easily be played with, and try to avoid anything messy or made up of too many pieces.

Use naps to your advantage

If you have young children who have regular, scheduled naps, use this to your advantage. Try and book the flights at the time when your child would usually nap, and you’ll find that you won’t need to entertain them – because they’ll be asleep! Not only will it provide a peaceful journey, but it can also mean that they are well-rested and ready when you reach your destination.

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Books can make for perfect entertainment for all ages. For small children, bring their usual bedtime story that you know they’ll love, and for older kids bring along new books by authors they know or love for them to read to themselves. Audio books can work for children that might get travel sick or just prefer to listen to a story rather than read one themselves, and puzzle books can work for all ages if you pick the right level of puzzle for the age of your child.

Do you have any other tips for traveling with kids?

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