6 Important Things To Have With You While Kayak Fishing

Fishing kayaks are popular among anglers for many reasons. Aside from being inexpensive and low maintenance, they provide the ability to access far-off fishing holes and aren’t as loud as motorboats are. This feature of being stealthy makes them great for catching fish. Although it may seem simple to choose a kayak but in fact, launching it without being adequately prepared could lead to a bad experience. That is why you need to be properly equipped to land fish and have an amazing time out on the water. Thus, the right fishing setup and necessary gear can make the whole process safe and enjoyable. Here are 6 essential items you need while kayak fishing.

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Kayak Fishing Gear List

  1. Paddle

The most obvious and crucial item you’ll be needing is a fishing paddle to match your kayak. Even if your kayak is powered by pedals, you’ll still be needing a paddle to navigate through the currents and reach otherwise inaccessible areas. There are a variety of options available which you can choose from depending on your needs. For instance, for a paddler who is tall, wider and longer paddles will suit them best.

Since it’s recommended that you opt for something lightweight, an affordable yet heavier option like plastic or aluminum ones might not be the best choice for spending the whole day on the water. To ensure that you aren’t fatigued by the end of your long fishing trip, invest in a higher-quality paddle that is both durable and lightweight. Additionally, most of these paddles have the added feature of having a built-in tape measure and hook retrieval notch.

  1. Fishing Rod Holders

There is a range of different kinds of rods one can choose from, depending on what length, power, action, and material will be suitable for their fishing needs. After you’ve selected the rod that matches your needs, you need something that will secure it to your kayak. A rod holder can help to keep your most prized fishing gear in place while you’re busy paddling. There are different features and benefits offered by rod holders, so make sure you don’t buy a cheap one. This is because your rod may break or get lost if not leashed, and your kayak capsizes.

  1. Fish Finder

A fish finder is another essential that can be highly rewarding and can make fishing easy. This gadget helps uncover what is beneath the surface of the water and provides you the opportunity to log the specific body of water where fish school up. This can be useful when you make another trip since you’ll know when and where to cast your line. This high-tech piece of equipment will help you reel in your catch by providing you the ability to detect, track and catch the best fish, click here for a list of fish finder tech you can choose from.

  1. Anchor Kits

After you’ve found the perfect fishing spot, you’ll want to remain in that same place. However, this can only be made possible with a kayak anchor. Since winds and currents can make it difficult to stay stable, getting an anchor will turn your ‘yak into a lean, mean fishing machine by effectively keeping it in a specific location and preventing it from drifting away with the constantly moving water. It’s best if you get an entire anchor kit that includes a rope and a trolley, as it will allow you to position the kayak in your preferred direction.

  1. Cart

Since water is often a few yards away from the kayak, you’ll need a trailer to transport your fishing kayak before you can hit the water. It can be difficult to haul a kayak without tiring yourself out or damaging your kayak’s bottom. Thus, a cart can protect your kayak from getting damaged while safely rolling it to the entry points. This provides the practical advantage of saving the energy you’d spend in carrying the ‘yak to the water. OutdoorPlay has great ideas for storing your Kayaks as well.

  1. Personal Flotation Device

Aside from the fishing essentials, anglers also need equipment that offers both safety and storage options. That’s where a fishing-specific PFD comes into play, since these life jackets do more than just save your life by keeping you afloat. Among the different types of paddler’s vests available, a jacket designed to make kayak fishing easier is perfect for kayakers that need to keep fishing tools like hooks, pliers, tackles, etc., on hand. Since these life vests have a surplus of pockets, it’ll save you the hassle of digging through huge tackle boxes.

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Though, there’s a variety of alternatives out there if you still want to make this work. You might want to see packrafts from Outdoor Play if you want to be a group thing, just in case. It’s pretty far from kayak fishing but hey, you have more choices right?

Kayak fishing has become a popular pursuit over time. For beginners and seasoned anglers alike, it’s vital to have the necessary gear and equipment before landing in the waters and starting the trip. Although it can be daunting to choose from the vast variety of accessories and items in the market, this short yet useful list of supplies and essentials will help you decide which ones to have during your trip.

Last Updated on March 7, 2023

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