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Julbo Sunglasses for Kids – Check Them Out!

Living in the tropics, the sun can be your best friend and also your worst enemy if not prepared for it. My kids are out in the sun for the better part of the day, and I can’t even imagine the sun exposure they get.  Julbo Sunglasses, a company I’ve ironically used for my ski googles back when I lived in Colorado as a ski bunny, has a great selection of kids sunglasses!

As my son and I scrolled through their website for the best kids sunglasses for him to choose he instantly fell in love with the Piccolo model. So what’s a mama to do? I ordered them!

kid wearing julbo kids sunglasses

Features of the Julbo Sunglasses For Kids

  • They are made for active kids! They are durable and can withstand my crazy son!
  • The temples are flexible and curve around his head. Plus, they are a little tight, which makes them stick on his head when he’s showing off his flips and other activities I’m not too keen on.
  • They have all colors to choose from. We went white.
  • But most importantly, they really enhance the ‘cool’ factor – not that my son really needs it.

My Take On It

My son needs glasses. So if we can get ones that he wants to wear, I’m all over it. He seems to be in love with Julbo’s glasses and I think he looks so great in them.

I just love this boy!

kid wearing julbo kids sunglasses while lying on a coach

Where to Buy Julbo Glasses

You can get them right off the website, but they also have a huge selection of dealers that sell them.


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