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Top Reasons to Join a Blue Cruise in Turkey

Turkey’s famous Blue Cruise routes have been attracting all kinds of travelers for a number of years. An idyllic vacation for the young and the old, families, friends couples, and independent travelers can enjoy 4 to 8 days or more sailing on the dazzling Turkish Riviera, passing beneath the morning shadows cast by the Taurus mountain range and spending the evening chatting with your fellow shipmates in the amber light of the setting sun. Each year, thousands of tourists travel to the southwest Turquoise Coast of Turkey to sail across the Mediterranean Sea by a cruise in Turkey.

A Blue Cruise is possibly even the top highlight of a trip to Turkey, and there are plenty of reasons this unique experience should not be missed.

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Cruise in Turkey - Europe Travel

A Little Isolation…

Many of Turkey’s archaeological sites, beach resorts, and natural parks are so popular that they are literally flocked by tourists, particularly during the busy summer season. While Blue Cruises are also beloved by holidaymakers the fact that you will be on your own 12 – 16 berth boats, which can sail far away from the crowded beach clubs and loud music, means that the trip will offer tranquility and peacefulness that cannot be found in most tourist destinations.

Cruise in Turkey - Europe Travel

Enjoy the Cooler Temperatures…

No need to spend hours and hours sweating away on a city beach because aboard the boat you will have from sunrise to sunset to work on your tan, with the luxury of a cooling sea breeze. While Turkey’s southwestern region tends to get pretty hot from June to August, temperatures are generally lower along the coastline, particularly at night and jumping on a gullet boat will offer you a refreshing break from the heat. You can chill out on the top deck under the sun, or take a shady spot and admire the spectacular views as you sail along the stunning coastline, and at night you can choose to sleep in a comfortable cabin or drift off under the nighttime starry sky.

Cruise in Turkey - Europe Travel

Sail to Greece…

Many Blue Cruises leaving from the nightlife capital of Bodrum, on the Aegean Sea, offer itineraries sailing to and between the Greek Dodecanese Islands, so it’s a fantastic opportunity to combine the best bits of Greece with a visit to Turkey. Among the islands visited on a Turkey to Greece Blue Cruises are, Rhodes, Kos, Samos, and Lesbos. These mountainous islands are home to some of the world’s oldest archeological sites and some of the region’s most stunning beaches. Exploring the 12 Greek islands by Turkish Gullet boat is certainly a great way to spend your vacation.

Cruise in Turkey - Europe Travel

Enjoy a Turkish Buffet Three Times a Day…

Blue Cruise packages are generally inclusive of all food, and anyone who’s been in Turkey before knows that even ‘complimentary’ meals are more like banquets. Begin the day with a classic Turkish breakfast of eggs, tomato, cucumber, olives, bread, and spreads. Lunch and dinner is usually a tasty mix of salads, grilled veggies, salad, rice, pasta, and a selection of ‘mezze’. Either lunch or dinner will undoubtedly be chicken, fish, or meatballs barbecued on the outside grill of the sailing boat, so you can enjoy that tasty BBQ smell and even more delicious food.

Party at Smugglers Inn…

Hidden on one of the many beaches in the Kekova Region is the Smugglers Inn, also known as Pirates Bar, it’s certainly a bar like no other. Most of its customers have been picked up by dinghy from various Blue Cruise boats that are anchored in the bay. One evening here will let you socialize with your neighboring boat travelers, dance to the DJ’s latest tunes or chill out in a beach lounge before heading back to sleep on your gullet boat.

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Cruise in Turkey - Europe Travel

Visit Some Modern Cities…

Along the Turquoise coast, there are plenty of Blue Cruise routes. Some will pick you up from the major seaside resort town of Marmaris, where the nightlife is buzzing in the summer and the streets of the Old Town do not sleep. Other pickup points are from the quaint harbor town of Fethiye, the modern city of Antalya, and tomato growing Demre, home to St Nicholas Church and the Ancient City of Myra. Cruises often stop in the small but vibrant village of Kas, the gateway to the Kekova region and a quirky town with good shopping and plenty of lively bars, beach clubs, and restaurants. Another place you should consider visiting while in the country is Datca, I have a full blog post about Datca, Turkey you should read!

Cruise in Turkey - Europe Travel

And Sail Over Sunken Cities…

One of the most visited sights on an Olympos to Fethiye Blue Cruise is the Sunken City of Kekova. Once a thriving Lycian town in the Gokkaya Bay, this ancient city was raided, ransacked, hit by earthquakes, and eventually abandoned. While some of the city walls are still standing in the turquoise blue bay, and open sachophogi pertrude from the sea, some of the ancient stone is completely submerged beneath the transparent waters. It’s quite an impressive sight from your sailing boat. The ruins can even be seen from the barracks of Simena Castle which stands on the opposite side of the bay on top of Kalekoy, ‘Castle Village’.

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Cruise in Turkey - Europe Travel

Swim, Snorkel and Scuba Dive…

Admittedly, swimming from any of Turkey’s Mediterranean beaches will be a more than pleasant experience, but the swimming spots visited on the Blue Cruise are simply breathtaking. With crystalline blue-tinted waters, free from trash and large crowds and filled with a rich variety of colorful sea life. Each day from dawn to dusk, or even at night, if you don’t mind the chill, you can dive from the deck of your wooden gullet boat and refresh yourself in the Mediterranean Sea. Check out the underwater corals, vertical seawalls, and vibrant sponges, with a snorkel and mask or diving tanks. You certainly won’t be disappointed with your Blue Cruise in Turkey.

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