JBs on the Beach Restaurant – What a Great Surprise

If I can describe our visit to JB’s on the Beach Restaurant in Deerfield Beach, Florida, one word comes to mind immediately – FUN!

JBs on the Beach
jb restaurant in deerfield

Jbs On The Beach

When we visited my parents in West Palm Beach for the third year in a row, I decided it was time to venture a bit further from City Place and the restaurants there. When I started to look at the neighboring towns Deerfield Beach, Florida kept on popping up. It seemed to have a laid-back, surfer feel with plenty of restaurants directly on the beach.

We’ve been to restaurants ‘on the beach before, and it usually meant you get a great view, or you need to walk a few hundred feet to get to the ‘actual’ beach. So when we arrived at the restaurant and were escorted to the back where all the action was happening – we literally were RIGHT ON THE BEACH.

dining room at the jb restaurant deerfield beach

Why does that change everything? I’m not sure, but there is something about hanging on the boardwalk, checking out the pier and hearing the waves crash right where you’re sitting that makes you feel so good.

beach and pier outside of jb's restaurant deerfield beach florida

Food and Fun at JB’s on the Beach, Deerfield Beach, Florida

Before I make you drool with all the scrumptious food and drinks we had, let’s go for a quickie tour.

With minimum parking on the streets and parking lots, JB’s offers Valet parking for super cheap, and you just leave your car at the door, and it comes right up as you leave.

The restaurant is huge, no doubt about it. The inside is spacious with great design and even a sailboat hanging from the ceiling.  However, the outdoor seating (where we sat) is also huge and gets filled up really fast. So my advice, call for a reservation and request to sit outside. This is the best part of it all.

decor of jb restaurant deerfield

And during weekends and holidays, live music is playing. This is outside and closer to the bar area. You can either request to sit near the music, or have your table on the other side and then enjoy the band when taking a slow walk on the boardwalk (which is what we did).

live music at jb restaurant in deerfield beach

Are you ready to get super hungry?

The food here isn’t your typical seafood-style meals. On the contrary, the chefs really outdo themselves by creating explosive creations that I have yet to find anywhere else (and we eat at seafood restaurants – A LOT).

Drinks – you can’t go to a beach hang out and not get tropical drinks.

We went a bit nuts – the atmosphere does that to you. I ordered a mango madness frozen cocktail.

mango madness coctail at jbs deerfield beach florida

My husband ordered a Coconut mojito – they specialize in lots of unique flavored mojitos.

coconut mojito from jb restaurant deerfield beach fl

So I had to jump on that bandwagon, after my mango drink was done, and got a berry mojito. Living in Central America and even visiting Cuba I thought I tried some good mojitos. But I have to say, the berry one was really sweet.

JB's on the Beach restaurant, Deerfield Beach, Florida - berry mojito

For the food part I do as I always do and want to hear what the restaurant is most popular for and their signature dishes. Our waiter, who was really fun to chat with, gave us the run down. We ended up narrowing it down some, because the restaurant actually had several dishes that they were really well known for. But we were thrilled with what we ended up with. We love to try many things, so instead of focusing on main dishes only we got a lot of appetizers.

For starters we got a tomato and mozzarella salad. The plate was over a foot long!

JB's on the Beach restaurant, Deerfield Beach, Florida - mozzarella and tomato salad

We then got the coconut shrimp. The shrimp were huge.

JB's on the Beach restaurant, Deerfield Beach, Florida - coconut shrimps

Scallops dynamite. This was the best dish I have ever had. I don’t know what they do to these scallops that are served on the actual shell which are doused in a creamy, smooth sauce. But I swear I could have ordered ten more of these and been the happiest person. I so wish I tried this before ordering all the other stuff. I simply couldn’t justify ordering more.

JB's on the Beach restaurant, Deerfield Beach, Florida - scallops dynamite

Crab cakes. I’m not a huge fan of these, but the waiter really recommended it saying that the Maryland Crab Cake is in fact created by a chef that is from Maryland. They are served either in appetizer form or you can get a full meal. We enjoyed the appetizer sized one which was quite large, considering all the food we had already.

JB's on the Beach restaurant, Deerfield Beach, Florida - maryland crab cake

And for our finale main dish we went with the lobster and shrimp salad. Lobster for us is a really big treat. And this salad was just right. It wasn’t heavy, and the shrimp and lobster were delicious.

JB's on the Beach restaurant, Deerfield Beach, Florida - lobster and shrimp salad

To compensate for all the light fare (salads) I got the banana cream pie and my husband literally had to tell me enough when I was about to order more. It was truly that creamy and melted in your mouth.

JB's on the Beach restaurant, Deerfield Beach, Florida - banana cream pie

Video Fun

Information for Visiting JB’s on the Beach

I’ll be honest with you. The drive over was around 45 minutes from my parent’s house, which to adults isn’t a big deal, but when you’re going with little kids, everything seems forever and a day. The kids were whining and complaining half the ride over. So when we arrived, I was trying to figure out what to offer my kids to keep them happy at the restaurant.

But the second we entered the place, with the huge sailboat hanging off the ceiling and life-size fish decorating the walls, they completely snapped out of their crap moods. And then sitting outside where the kids were able to run around on the boardwalk and beach just seconds away from me, was all that we needed to make them happy. And happy kids mean happy parents. And a huge bonus was that they ate without moaning once – and that alone is almost an award-winning experience for us.

Address: 300 NE 21st Avenue, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

Phone: 954-571-5220

JBs on the Beach Restaurant, Deerfield Beach Florida – Review


Last Updated on September 16, 2023

3 thoughts on “JBs on the Beach Restaurant – What a Great Surprise

  1. The food looks absolutely delicious!! I’m glad you decided to venture out and found this place. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You had me at mojitos. I love them and you cannot find them in Italy. But then that seafood – OMG. I am seriously drooling. The shrimp – were they fried in coconut? – look delicious, the scallops sound delectable, and I am a sucker for lobster. If it’s on the menu, I’m ordering it.

    1. Jennifer you have to come to Central America, you’ll be inundated with Mojitos. But at this stage of my life, I’d rather have Italy 🙂

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