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Visit Japan, the Travel Destination of Choice for 2019

Yes, Japan has quickly become the fastest growing travel destination on the planet. The rise has been a drastic one, as you only have to go back to 1995 where there were only 3.3 million annual visitors. Fast track this to 2010 and this had risen to 8.6 million and in 2018 this had reached a remarkable 31 million. This rise meant that Japan has become the fastest growing destination of choice in the world by some margin. This puts it ahead of the likes of India, Vietnam, Thailand and the UAE who also sit at the top of the table.Why Japan should be on your travel bucket list and about the top three place to go to when you visit Japan.Learn all about visit Japan.

Visit Japan

2019 is only set to continue and later this year Japan will be hosting the ninth edition of the Rugby World Cup. This will be the first time the tournament has been held in Asia and can be expected to be a memorable occasion for those traveling over. Defending champions New Zealand are set to start as they short priced favorites and many punters will be supporting them using the best promo codes that are available.

The opening match of the tournament will be taking place in the Ajinomoto Stadium in Chofu, Tokyo. With the final then taking place in the Nissan Stadium in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture.

There is an endless list of things to do in Japan, with incredible hospitality and amazing food on offer. Here we cover three destinations you must visit if you visit Japan this summer.

Top 3 Places To Go To When You Visit Japan

1) Visit Kyoto when visit japan

This gives you a fantastic example of traditional Japan. This includes the likes of the wooden tea houses, forests of bamboo, temples and shrines in gold and silver. There are also the Zen gardens, which are a must see for tourists. There is so much to see in Kyoto, which is why Kyoto is a hugely popular tourist spot in the country.

2)Visit Tokyo when visit japan

Tokyo is the ultramodern city during Japan tour. This is where you will find endless fashion shops available and some breath taking food offerings. You can also get involved in many weird activities in the city, such as cos-play go carting. The key attraction to Tokyo is the food and it is simply one of the best in the world on that front.

3) Takayama

This is a less visited venue in Japan but is one not to be missed. It is a stunning small town on the edge of the Japan Alps and provides a historic traditional venue with wooden houses. There are numerous things to do around the surrounding countryside including cycling with the Satoyama Experience.

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