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Jakarta Travel Guide – What To Do, What To See & Extra Tips

Jakarta is a place famous worldwide for the cultural facilities, entertaining and amazing places, tourists benefit of, when they are visiting it. If you want to have a glimpse of this culturally diverse capital, you can spend two days here between your flights. Over 10 million people reside here, but their roots are from places everywhere around the world. You will get in touch with a blend of cultures, from Chinese, to Javanese and European. Why is Jakarta a destination for travelers? Because it is the capital of the world’s most populous Muslim majority nation. But this does not mean that other religions are not practiced in Jakarta, because of the blend of cultures and nationalities, you will meet people who follow the rules of Confucianism, Christianity and even Hinduism.Information for what to do, where to go, what to see and Jakarta travel tips.In this article you will find a lot of info about Jakarta Travel Guide.

Jakarta Travel Guide

How do people with so different views manage to live together peacefully? Tolerance is the key; they have learnt to respect each other. When landing at the airport, you will probably start looking for pockets of culture and history. Businesspersons often have an air flight layover in Jakarta on their way to their final destination. If this is the case for you, here is a two-days itinerary for your short trip.

Jakarta Travel Guide

Jakarta Travel Guide

What should you do, during Day 1?

Check the views from above

The first thing you should do when arriving in Jakarta is to take a view, admire its urban beauty from above. The Jakarta Skye Tower takes you 56 storeys above the ground in only 10 seconds. If the sky is clear, you can check the view, during both the day and night. If you want to spend the time in an enjoyable manner, you should book a table at the restaurant from the top of the tower. If you are not hungry, you can take some moments to admire Jakarta from the open-air terrace. Have a coffee to help you start the trip with an energy boost.

Explore the city in an active way

Specialists advise us to stay active even during business trips; you can definitely do it while in Jakarta. Batavia should definitely be on your list, it was the commercial hub on the times when Jakarta was a Dutch colony. Some people name this area the old Jakarta, because it offers you a taste of an era when the imperial power was at its greatest point. Start the hike in the Taman Fatahillah square, make sure to take pictures; the sights will leave you breathless. Then you should visit the Jakarta History Museum, the Dutch people constructed it in 1710, and it is a masterpiece.

Continue the trip by visiting Kasar Besar Canal, you will be amazed to see that the houses that border it are constructed in a European-style. If you will continue to walk down the canal, you will reach the Bahari Maritime Museum that was built in an old Dutch East India Company warehouse.

Do not forget to eat

You can eat something on the run, because in the northern part of Kita district the alleys take the form of a market with numerous food stalls. Here you can taste traditional food, do not miss this opportunity. What should you try? Let’s say steamed dumplings stuffed with water chestnuts or ground beef, and crispy roast duck wings. If you want to try something more exotically, then on the Jalan Pancoran Street, you will find Rujak Shanghai Encim specialities like peanuts and spinach drenched in tangy red sambal sauce and concoction of cuttlefish.

Do some shopping

After you delight your senses with traditional food, you should continue your stroll; head to the Menteng district, the open-air Jalan Surabaya market is waiting for you. From this market, you can buy souvenirs and artifacts. Offer them as gifts to your business partners. You can buy traditional masks, carved wooden statues, Javanese puppets, and porcelain items.

Socialize with the locals

It is no better way to get in touch with the culture of the place than socializing with the locals, and dining with them. When stepping into a restaurant, you will notice that the staff is always willing to have a little chat with tourists. Choose a restaurant that is famous for its fusion of cultures, and order their specialties.

Pamper yourself

Book a hotel room while being home. If you spend only a single night in Jakarta, you should pamper yourself in a 5-star hotel. Jakarta is often the layover between flights, especially for businesspersons, and they always spend the night in 5 star hotels in Jakarta Indonesia. 5 star hotels are well-known for their hospitality services, they consider their clients’ satisfaction their priority. Do not be surprised to notice that the hotel looks like a peaceful sanctuary in the middle of the city. It is advisable to book a room at a hotel designed to serve businesspersons. Have a cocktail at the bar before going to sleep; it will help you have a relaxing sleep.

Jakarta Travel Guide

How to spend your day 2?

Have a tasty breakfast

Savour a flavoured Java coffee with traditional Indonesian pastries. If you want to have breakfast outside the hotel, you should check the Menteng district. Here you can admire the terracotta-tiled houses where Barack Obama lived when he was young.

A walk in the park

Merdeka Square is the centre of the city, and it is known as the world’s largest city square. Here you can see the National Monument, built in 1949 to celebrate Indonesia’s independence from the Netherlands. There are great chances for an event to be going on when you have your walk, demonstrations and military parades are organised quite often.

Get in touch with the culture before heading to the airport

Before leaving Jakarta, you should visit the National Museum. It celebrates the cultural diversity of the country, and it exhibits a collection of treasures that show the geology, ethnology and history of the Indonesian archipelago. The museum has four floors; they are focused on discovering the origins of the civilizations of the islands.

During your trip in Jakarta, make sure to treat the local traditions with respect and great care, especially if you want to add some religious sites to your itinerary.

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