Top 10 Jackson Hole Summer Attractions and Things To Do

Top 10 Jackson Hole Summer Attractions and Things To Do

Looking for a vacation spot for a family trip during the summer and got confused in picking up a spot and things to do out there? Don’t worry we got you. Jackson Hole is one the best summer destinations to visit and spend time with your family. There are plenty of activities to do and these in turn into beautiful memories for a lifetime. 

In this blog let me guide you through different adventures that you can do at Jackson Hole, get ready and pack your stuff!.

Top 10 Jackson Hole Summer Attractions and Things To Do

  1. Climb the Tetons

Vertical adventure is most of our love, isn’t it? Reaching the top of a huge mountain is one of the top priorities on our bucket list. This can be a significant accomplishment for you. 

In Jackson Hole, you will find several outfitters which can provide you with the necessary instructional services, the appropriate equipment for adventure, and professional coaching. 

As an expert day climber, you can also enjoy the popular nearby locations like the Rodeo Wall and Blacktail Butte.

  1. Mountain Biking

Jackson Hole is known to be the best destination for mountain biking. This town has many shops which make riders engage in their adventure. 

Teton Pass Highway will be one of the challenging routes for riders. Even experienced riders feel their heartbeat increases because of the jumps and dramatic features of the road. At Grand Targhee and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, lift-accessed mountain riding is available all summer. There are many forests along the network of cross-country biking rails in Jackson, that crisscross the ski hill and also extend into the neighboring Cache Creek.

Apart from these, there are many routes for riders in Jackson Hole for a calm ride. These routes run between Wilson, Jackson, and Teton Village, and extend into the Grand Teton National Park.

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  1. Go Western

This is one of the best summer activities to do in Jackson Hole. A visit to this amazing place would only be complete with experiencing some traditional Western fun. Unveil your inner cowboy in this town and create your special memories.

But, what if the night meets you where you are having fun? Well, there is no need to panic, as Jackson Hole Vacation Rentals has got you covered. At The Clear Creek Group, we are always ready to help you find the best suites for you to stay in while you enjoy your holiday in this delightful town.

  1. Take a Hike

Hiking is a great summer activity to do in Jackson. You can have a variety of hiking opportunities, including river walks, going thousands of feet high, boulder scrambles, and panoramas, all in Jackson Hole. No matter what kind of activity you want to do, this amazing town provides a wide variety to choose from. Popular, stress-free options close to Jackson include the hikes to Goodwin Lake, Jackson Peak, and Cache Creek in the Bridger Teton National Forest.

The Taggart and Bradley lakes hikes are relaxing loops around peaceful alpine lakes at the Tetons foot. For stunning views, hikers can ascend to the Death Canyon trail and Phelps Lake overlook. For trail guides and recommendations, consult the park rangers, the local Valley Bookstore, or the visitor centers.

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  1. Get On (or In) the Water

Are you tired of the solid ground? Try heading out to one of the many waterways in Jackson Hole. When it comes to integrating natural beauty with aquatic activities, Jackson’s region is unmatched. It offers whitewater rafting, picturesque float rides, canoeing, and paddleboarding. The Snake River running both into and out of Jackson Hole is the best option for drift boat fishing, and the calm Tetons’ lakes provide many opportunities for combining floating or paddling with a viewing of animals. If you desire an incredible whitewater experience, Snake River Canyon is the place to look to enjoy.

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  1. Go Camping

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is one of the beautiful places for exploring the forests. It does not matter even if you are a  casual car camper or a hardcore backpacker, this is the perfect place for you. 

You can camp at a spot that is under the supervision of the Forest Service or you can further and camp it doesn’t matter. There are many RV Parks near Jackson with great views.

A backpacking trip along Teton Crest or Paintbrush Canyon is difficult even for seasoned backcountry professionals. It is always important to know and follow the rules of that place. 

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  1. Paragliding

Would you love to fly like a bird in the sky, soar between the peaks of the Tetons, or run off a mountain? If so, all you need is the paragliding service at Jackson Hole. Paragliding, being a once-in-a-lifetime, safe experience, offers you a whole different perspective of Jackson Hole. Board a tandem paraglider with an expert pilot that will guide you back to the floor from a height of about 3,200 feet.

  1. Fly Fish

Another summer activity to do in Jackson Hole is fly fishing, using the Teton Range as your backdrop. You can find world-class fisheries in the Snake River as well as its tributaries. Whether by bank or boat, morning or afternoon, a large army of outfitters are ready to reveal interesting secrets of the clever cutthroat trout as well as the other fish that live in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem waters.

  1. View Wildlife

Do you want to experience what it feels like to be in the Animal Planet? Then you need to put this activity on your list of things to do in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Jackson Hole will always be filled with wildlife the whole year. The wolves, elk, pronghorn, moose, and grizzly bears are a few of the animals that can be found in the natural habitat of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. While coming to this place, remember to bring your smartphone/camera to take amazing pictures of wildlife. In addition, you can also enjoy all the fantastic views from your RV or car.

Throughout your trip around the park, experienced guides will enlighten you with educational information and interesting animal facts.

  1. See an Amazing Sunset

Be prepared to get stunned at the sight of the sunset in the Tetons. Below are some of the best places to catch the sun setting behind the majestic Teton Range and the horizon.

Mormon Row: Wyoming’s most famous barn is located in the Mormon Row District. If you can visit there you will get blessed to take a breathtaking sight of Bisons. 

Curtis Canyon Overlook: Jackson Hole has another great spot for viewing the sunset in Curtis Canyon Overlook. This scenery looks beautiful and peaceful which makes you feel closer to nature. 


Your summer can be an enjoyable one when you do these fun activities that we have mentioned above. To enable you to enjoy it more, we’ll advise you to do proper research before you begin your journey.

Additionally, do not forget to bring your camera with you, so that you can take great pictures while you enjoy your summer in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Last Updated on August 15, 2023

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