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Ixchel – Secret of Homemade CBD Beauty Products that Make a Difference

CBD Beauty Products is the full buzz nowadays. And, I’ll be honest, I hopped on that rodeo. And tried many different products.

Living in Guatemala it’s hard to get some, so I remember spending over $150 for a two ounce bottle of CBD oil, which didn’t really work well for me.

However, when you search hard enough, you can find real GEMS even in small towns such as Antigua, Guatemala.

Pamela, the founder and innovative creator of Ixchel CBD beauty products, was the real deal.

Several things that stood out from most of the other products is that she uses CBD with THC which is really the secret ingredient that makes her products stand out above the rest.

However, her price was so affordable that it made sense to start buying from her, even if at first I was skeptical.

CBD Beauty Products

There is a reason why she is known around town for what she creates. Her products are made from the soul. She personally delivers all her products to you and explains how to use it. The ingredients that are most helpful. And, really it’s simply done for the love of helping others.

I had the unique opportunity to see her in action as well. To see how she makes all her products and how she creates them.

CBD Beauty Products

But my favorite part is her story and how she came to discovering that this is her life passion and direction.

I first became interested in CBD about 4 years ago when I went to Colorado to visit my son. He had just started with a large company, selling their CBD products and his enthusiasm intrigued me. I had an ‘ah-ha’ moment and thought I would do the same in Guatemala. There is a large population of foreigners here that would be educated in the benefits of CBD and open-minded enough to warrant investing in importing.

I sat on it for almost a year and in this time I researched extensively the medical benefits of CBD and which products seemed to help people the most.

It took some time to pluck up the courage to make the investment in marketing, branding and importing.  As I began to develop and expand my knowledge, I also grew more confidence in the benefits and believed I had something that would help others. In December 2018 Ixchel Orgánicos was launched!

I intended for Ixchel to be a nice little business that would just tick along quietly. But BOOM! Because our products are of such high quality and work amazingly; through referrals we are now a full-time business. Not a day goes by that I don’t feel grateful. I’m proud of what we do at Ixchel Orgánicos. We use only the best of the best organic base material, do not add water to our products and wouldn’t even consider using a chemical preservative.

Apart from that, the feedback and reviews from our clients melts my heart. Ixchel’s CBD has literally changed people’s lives from something as simple as a good night’s sleep, to calming spasm from Parkinson’s or MS. I was even thanked the other week for saving a marriage that was in peril due to PMS. The husband was so nice and so thankful. Many of our clients are using our Sublingual Drops to replace chemical medications in treating a multitude of conditions. 

Although Guatemala is a very conservative culture when it comes to things like CBD and in particular with THC, we work to break the stigma associated with it by providing independent medical research. Our client base now is a good mix of Guatemalans and foreigners alike. I LOVE MY WORK! I love helping people recover their lives. 

She also have edibles!!!

CBD Beauty Products

Brownies and Oatmeal Raisin Cookies that pack a punch, Special butter for cooking use and incredible on popcorn!, Chocolate Bonbons too. And, now Gummies.

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  1. Excellent article! Very informative and I love that the enthusiasm that comes from Pamela just jumps off the page at me. I truly Believe in the product and I have every confidence in her knowledge.

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