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Travel Trends2019! – These are the Upcoming Destinations & Travel Trends

The travel trends is changing dramatically each year. Having moved online, there are seemingly unlimited endless to make travel easier and more accessible all over the world. Ideas such as Airbnb, Uber, Get Your Guide and even Instagram have bridged information and communication gaps, reaching global audiences.Countries that are travel trends this 2019 as some of the best places to visit.Take a look at this article to learn more about the Travel Trends.

Old-school travel methods such as travel agents replaced by more interactive platforms, giving travelers greater power of choice, as well as the ability to make live inquiries and bookings. This is great, but as the dust continues to settle after this change, some consumers are unaware of recent travel trends and upcoming destinations.

Upcoming Destinations

However, even if you find yourself feeling out of the loop, there is no need to fear. We have compiled and summarized 2019’s upcoming destinations and vacation trends, helping you make the most of your adventures this year.

2019 Travel Trends

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, but on the country’s border between Tanzania, this city is one of the fastest growing, global, up-and-coming destinations. The Victoria Falls Waterfall, the town’s namesake,  is the main attraction.

This towering natural wonder is the world’s largest sheet of flowing water, stretching across the border into Tanzania. The Falls is a truly amazing spectacle I will never forget, its power felt long before you arrive at the waterfall edge, thundering from over a kilometer away when it is flowing at full force.

 victoria falls

However, to truly experience this spectacle, you will need to get up close, right into the mist. From here, The Falls is deafening but spectacularly beautiful. While its raw power is better experienced from the Zimbabwean side, the view is prettier from the Tanzanian side. Ultimately, this means you will want to experience this wonder from both sides.

In order to do so, you’ll need a Kaza Visa. This allows you access to multiple Southern African safari destinations, including Zimbabwe and Tanzania. It is cheaper and easier to get than two separate visas.

Besides The Falls itself, the city is brimming with activities, adventures, and tours. Visitors are spoilt for choice, from helicopter tours to hikes, whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, museum tours, and traditional village tour.

Furthermore, in the beating heart of Southern Africa, and along the mighty Zambezi River, the area is a quintessential Southern African safari destination. Just a short drive from the town center and you will enter the Zambezi National Park, where you can spot any of the Big 5.

south africa

South Africa

Although South Africa has been a popular destination for some time, it has recently become significantly more affordable. This is because the local currency (Rand) has weakened, and flights have become more affordable.

Upcoming Destinations

In the past, domestic flights within the country were ridiculously expensive. This left many travelers with the option of either staying in one are, or driving across this large African country. While a road-trip is never a bad idea, we don’t all have time for such time-consuming activities.

Fortunately, in the last decade, many low-cost domestic airlines such as Mango and FlySAFair (similar to Ryanair in the UK) have popped up. This makes exploring the whole country more accessible to travelers. Spend a week in the on a Safari in the Kruger National Park, one of Africa’s premier game viewing destinations. Then catch a cheap flight down to Cape Town for some time on the beach.

Part of South Africa’s beauty is its diversity. From the Kalahari Desert to the Jungles of Mpumalanga and the Durban’s white coastline, the country has so much to offer. And you now have the freedom to explore this beautifully diverse country.

Upcoming Destinations & Travel Trends

European Coach Tours

The concept of European coach tours has been around for decades and is nothing new. While companies such as Contiki offer party-tours cater to very young travelers, Topdeck is mostly filled with retirees.

However, a new breed of coach tours have emerged, providing exciting European coach tours to young adults, who are not looking to drink their way through this beautiful continent. Companies such as Expat Explore generally cater to travelers between 25 and 40, who have the energy to explore and are looking for more than a party.

Destinations & Travel Trends

As with all coach tours, the beauty of this experience is the ability to easily visit so many countries in such a small amount of time. Trying to do this alone would be almost impossible, at it would require so much traveling and organization that you wouldn’t have time for a holiday. Ultimately, everything is organized, and all you have to do is make the time to enjoy yourself.

However, this jam-packed adventure can feel too rushed for the slow traveler. In this case, rather choose just one country, and take the time to immerse yourself in it. Just find a good guide in the specific country you are in such as such as Go Irish Tours for Traveling In Spain. Give these guides a read, favorite the most appealing experiences and book anything you are 100% sure about. Just remember to leave time for spontaneous adventures, and don’t be too rigid with your schedule.

Destinations & Travel Trends


In the heart of West Africa, Nigeria is a proper African experience, with an incredibly vibrant culture. While traditional influences are clear, the country has a growing influence on today’s global culture.

Although Nigeria’s hip-hop scene is making a mark on the global music scene, their film production industry is also booming, named Nollywood (the next Bollywood). Walking the streets, the local population’s creativity is obvious – from the arts and crafts aimed at tourists to the amazing ways people do business, making the most of their limited resources.

Upcoming Destinations & Travel Trends

Furthermore,  like much of Africa, this country is not short of natural beauty. A perfect example of this is Ikogosi Warm Springs, which flows leisurely down a hill alongside a cold spring. These two meet at a confluence where they join a river. Locals and tourists alike can bathe and relax in this water which has become famous for its mystic healing powers. The spring is surrounded by magnificent greenery, which makes for a truly magical experience.

Getting around Nigeria has long been a major problem for travelers, but no more. Before, travelers were forced to navigate the country’s vast network of dilapidated roads. However, you can now make use of Nigeria’s air system, made up of airports all around the country. Gone are the days of driving for days, just book a flight from Lagos to Abuja.

In Summary

After major shifts in the travel industry, you should now be prepared to make the most of the new travel trends. From Victoria Falls to a cheaper Cape Town, a new type of European coach tour, and a newly accessible Nigeria, we hope you enjoy your travels in 2019.

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