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6 Items That Will Make Your Boating Trip Better

Do you love heading out on a journey across the water on a hot summer day? Maybe you like to fish, spend time with your kids, or just relax. Maybe you’re into water-skiing, tubing, or wakeboarding. Whatever gets you out in your boat, here are 6 things sure to make your adventures even better.

Items that Will Make Your Boating Trip Better

1. An electric inboard motor

If you’re like most people, you probably started out with an outboard motor on your boat. While these are common, there are many drawbacks that make them less than ideal. Inboard motors are more expensive, but the benefits outweigh the cost.

For example, an electric inboard motor won’t pollute the water like a diesel outboard motor will. So, if you’re eco-conscious, you won’t feel bad every time you go out on the water. 

They’re also quieter, lighter, don’t vibrate, and don’t usually require maintenance for years. As far as inboard motors go, an electric inboard motor takes up less space than its diesel counterpart.

These motors are quite practical and they provide more power than you might think. There are plenty of people who have nothing but wonderful experiences to share about their electric inboard motors.

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2. A pedal-assisted electric water bike

If you thought e-bikes on land were cool, you have to check out pedal-assisted electric water bikes. One of these bikes will make the perfect addition to your boating adventures. You can find a peaceful place to anchor and get out on your bike and enjoy tearing it up across the water more directly.

Even if you have a fast boat, being out directly on the water, and zipping around is far more fun. If you don’t mind using a little manual power, you can pedal your way around the water and enjoy a low key experience.

3. A portable battery pack

Nothing is worse than having your cell phone or iPod battery dies while you’re out on the water, trying to listen to music or take photos. If you get a battery pack, you won’t need to worry about that.

Having a battery pack will not only keep your gadgets charged, but it will also power a small cooler, fridge, or fan. As long as you get one with enough power, you can run a small heater on a low setting. 

A battery pack, also called a power bank, is a safer alternative to a generator, although they’re less powerful. Still, if you’re out on a boat, you can’t expect to live in luxury. It’s like camping, except you’re on the water.

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4. The basics

You can never review the basics enough! If you’re going on a long-distance boating trip, you’ll need to cover the basics like a VHF radio, personal floatation devices, and a first-aid kit. However, there are other basics that you’ll need on your outing.

Think of boating like camping. Almost anything you’d take camping should probably go on your boat (within reason, of course). You’re going to want to relax more than you expect, and that’s okay. However, if you’re going out with your family or friends, you’ll definitely want to spend time bonding with them over snacks and games.

Make sure you bring a cooler full of ice big enough to accommodate plenty of drinks and snacks, and if you have the right kind of boat, you might even be able to barbecue.

5. A great pillow

It might seem silly to bring a pillow on your boat, but you might want better padding under your head if you decide to kick back and relax. Whether you take a real nap or just close your eyes to catch some peace, it’s actually important for your wellbeing to have a good pillow.

Comfort isn’t the only reason to care about your pillow. The right pillow will help you avoid shoulder and neck pain, and that’s important. You don’t want to feel terrible while you’re out on the water.

6. Fun games for playing on land

At some point, you might want to dock your boat and spend some time on the shore. Bring some games you can play on the shore, like a water-friendly cornhole toss game, a floating frisbee, or create a scavenger hunt.

Make your boating trips more fun

Boating is already fun, but it’s even better when you bring some games and snacks. Whether you’re going out to fish or just float around, make sure you bring something for everyone to enjoy.

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