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Visit Italy – It Has Much More To Offer Than You Think

Italy is the most romantic, modern and ancient country to visit. It is strongly connected to Venice, Romeo and Juliet, Rome and other attractions. Does it have much more to offer?Seven of the best things that Italy has to offer to travelers and discover what makes them so great.Take a look at this list of visit Italy.

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When talking about places to visit in Italy, touristic agencies are promoting the places like Rome, the birthplace of western civilization with an inspiring history. Together with ancient buildings the chances are big to meet the crowds of tourists all around the world and a line of those who want to make a photo with a Tower of Pisa. Verona will meet you with another crowd of those who would like to visit Juliet’s house. If Venice feels like a huge museum to you, there are much more to visit in Italy with no crowds of tourists and still enjoy the nature, culture, and idiosyncrasy of the country.

1. Cinque Terre

The place is not that much of a secret, but its beauty and area allow tourists to enjoy the site without making it crowd, cozy and busy. The place is famous for its hiking tracks where plenty of hiking lovers can not only make breathtaking photos but also enjoy the views, the area, the sceneries together with a sunrise or a sunset. The place is also famous for its colorful houses and all clear azure water. The location is a transition between the most famous touristic attractions and more quiet and relaxing attraction.

2. Sardinia

Those people who visit Italy for beach-hunting must go to Sardinia. It is full of epic places with transparent azure water and paradise views. Here you can enjoy the emptiness of the beaches and nudity. The area is incredibly picturesque and minimalist in terms of historical attractions, clubs, parties, restaurants, and other
traditional catch-on. Here you will clean your mind from everything and enjoy the beauty of innocent nature.

Visit Italy


Places to go are Liscia Ruja, La Celvia, Romazzino, Cala Luna, Capriccioli, and many other.

3. Lake Garda

Italy is not only the place of ancient history and paradise beaches, but it also has beautiful lakes to visit and enjoy. Garda is one of the lakes where no clouds of tourists having their vacation but at the same time an active life and society of nature and gastronomy lovers is still present. The lake has plenty of beautiful sceneries. It is perfect for those who prefer forest trips, mountains, and water voyages. In the evening it is possible to find both party time and a quiet evening beauty. If you don’t have time for traveling because of massive study, you can always rely on the best essay writer and win additional time for traveling.

Visit Italy

4. Turin, Piedmont

If you still wondering what to see in Italy but beautiful nature and Rome, Turin is a great option for an ancient adventure. It is a historical capital of the country. Not everyone knows that kings preferred living in this city instead of big and busy cities. It contains less than 900 thousand citizens and is free of massive touristic circulation. It also has beautiful mountain views and secret buildings. The city offers a number of museums to visit one of which is the National Cinema Museum with its 360-degree panorama.

5. San Felice Circeo, Lazio

A small town of its eight thousand inhabitants is one of the perfect secret places to enjoy. The natural beauty together with Italian mentality will make your holiday special. The place is perfect who is looking for new adventures, friends, unusual experiences and wants to dive deep into the culture, tradition, and rules of the place. San Felice Circeo offers no fancy bars, parties, museums, trips and saying experiences, but provides a unique experience of unexpected adventure and friendship.

6. Narni, Umbria

For those who prefer secret epic places on the hilltop, Narni or Narnia is an amazing holiday destination. It is both romantic and solitary destination which hypnotizes with its patient beauty of the mountains. The village is three thousand years old. The destination is unusual and at the same time unique. Its inspiration is out of the question regarding the C.S. Lewis’s “The Chronicles of Narnia.” Not to spoil the mystery of the destination, the only thing you want to know as a not regular tourist is that a place is worth visiting.

Visit Italy


7. Mantova, Lombardy

The destination is one of the secret vacation spots worth seeing with your own eyes. The place is a hometown of a Roman poet Virgil and UNESCO’s World Heritage Site at the same time. The area has its history and places to visit one of which is frescoed Palazzo Te and the Bibien theater that hosted young Mozart in the 18th century. Another fantastic attraction to watch is a 1472 Clock Tower which still works with the same mechanism. The beauty and innocence of nature is a pleasant addition to all the idiosyncrasy the place offers.

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