Traveling to Israel? Here are 12 Items you Should Pack No Matter the Season

If your next trip is taking you to amazing Israel, the Holy Land, you certainly cannot wait to head to the airport and take off! However, in order to experience your vacation at 360°, with no worries and lots of positive vibes, and an open-minded spirit, you should be sure you’ll bring with you a few precious items that will reveal themselves as essential! Check out this Israel packing list that will ensure that you get everything you need while traveling to Israel in any season.

Traveling to Israel

Here is a checklist of 12 “things” that are great to pack when traveling to Israel!

1. Travel insurance

Travel insurance is a good thing to have anywhere one travels to be honest, so no matter what happens you are sure you will receive assistance. Israel is a “delicate” spot on this lovely earth of ours, very different from any other country really, due to language and a deeply felt cultural diversity. If you want to enjoy your holidays at best and be worries-free this should be number 1 on your list.

2. Credit cards

Generally, all businesses in the country will be happy to accept your credit card and ATM machines are well distributed. The only difference compared to the home is that you will probably not be asked for your pin code! One precious piece of advice though is to call your bank a few days before your departure, in order to inform them you will be making transactions from Israel – which will spare you the hassle of finding yourself with your card blocked – and to make sure your card is accepted.

3. Toiletries

Don’t get me wrong, it is not like you will not find any! You will just be aware of higher prices, especially if you wish to buy specific brands you use on a daily basis at home. The advice is to pack products that are personal to you and that you are afraid you will not find once you have landed: examples could be prescription medicine (make sure you have enough to go) or contact solutions or even your toothpaste (flavor matters!).

Anything that is made with specific ingredients should be brought with you, don’t risk buying something made out of a different receipt and having to deal with it later on! Ladies, make sure you carry with you your perfume/deodorant, make-up (avoid crazy colors), and most of all personal hygiene products! So while you can definitely find these in Israel, it’s still best to consider these as some of the things you should pack for your adventure.

Traveling to Israel

4. Casual Clothing

Simple and casual is what really works best when talking about clothes to wear in Israel. Their dress code does really not include the word “elegant”, just think that it is easy to see people wearing Denim even during weddings! Since you will be traveling though, you might want to choose comfortable and light clothes yet do not opt for shorts, transparent, and sexy as not only it would be seen as a sign of disrespect, but it would make you feel totally out of place if not embarrassed!

Of course, it all depends on the season, during winter you might wish to bring heavier clothes with you while during summer you might feel like showing your lovely colored or floured dresses. Whatever the choice, simply make sure you will be wearing simple casual and not-too-short outfits.

5. Bag

Oh my, women’s dilemma! Alright, let’s try being practical here. There are plenty of bags you could bring with you, the choices are endless, as bags come in a million different shapes, colors, and sizes: leather bags, pouches, shopping bags, tote bags…all available online on websites like Luisaviaroma for example, where you can even find Saint Laurent bags for women that will turn you into a chic and stylish traveler.

You are traveling yes, so you have to be practical, but why should you give up being chic (with all due respect to the Holy Land)? This combination has made its way into fashion in the past decade, and bags now represent an essential accessory for any occasion. For countries like Israel, the ones that usually serve the purpose and do the trick are 2: a pannier bag and a bucket bag, the first one to be used during the day, so you can bring with you quite a few items and look girly and the second one if you wish to be a little more elegant and classy.

6. Extra phone chargers

Long live the battery! You wish this when on holiday more than anything else. You need your phone to be operational to call home, take pictures, message your friends on the infinite numbers of instant messaging apps you have and, unless you are a paper-lover and have a paper map, you will most probably use your mobile to locate monuments and restaurants!

Let’s be honest, your phone is not Highlander, it’s just a phone and, while traveling, it is most likely that it will wave you bye-bye sooner than you think, no matter your sweet eyes and sweet words to it. Unless… you go for a portable USB charger! It might sound obvious but do not forget it, and most importantly don’t forget to charge it otherwise your phone will be the one going on holiday!

Traveling to Israel

7. Book(s) and Music

As odd as it may sound, bring at least one book and/or a music player with you. At some point during your trip, you will wish to take them out of your pocket and isolate yourself, most times to relax and get some energy back!

Very often, when we go on vacation, we stress ourselves, thinking that a real holiday is one where we do every single thing we planned before leaving home. Sightseeing and visiting places is tiring and can wear you out so find something easy and light you can bring with you and have handy all the time.

8. Sunscreen

Who does not love that lovely brownish tan you can get in sunny countries that make you look so cute? Yes, we all do! However, our skin is way more important than having a dark-colored figure, especially for light or sensitive skin a good sunscreen is mandatory!

Use a high-protection one, no matter what period you travel to Israel, as sun rays are strong, and you are exposed to them for many long hours, especially during summer. Wash your pretty face, put some sunscreen cream both on your face and body (especially the upper part which is usually more exposed), a little make-up, a smile and start your adventure.

9. Water, Water, Water!

So holy, it is your blessing! Drink, whenever you have the chance to, as staying hydrated, is crucial to your good health and well-being. You will be doing many activities during the day and you will walk long distances, not to mention temperatures can get very high, so you need to drink in order for you to be fine.

10. Medications

Do not forget them! It might seem silly to say, yet we do it all the time, we leave them home. Whether you have any medicine you need to take on a daily basis, or you have that one pill, spray or syrup that you know works best for you, or again you are afraid you might catch a big cold or a stomach ache… always make sure you have a little bag where you can stuff all of your favorite medicines and remember to ask your doctor for a prescription to bring with you shall they stop you to check your luggage and ask why you have a certain type of meds with you (some substances that are fine at home might be forbidden or not allowed in some countries).

Traveling to Israel

11. Power Adapters & Converters

It goes without saying… you will need both, especially if you are traveling from the US and using American appliances. The voltage system in Israel is 220v, so a simple adapter will not be sufficient unless you want to get rid of it ‘cause it will fry! To be on the safe side, simply buy a voltage converter and an adapter, the good thing being you can find both in one,

12. Diary

You will be busy indeed, but a diary will be a little fortress for your thoughts, wishes, and pictures. You will be able to jot down your feelings and emotions this trip to the Holy Land will gift you with, add beautiful pictures to enrich it, and remember people and places when you will be back home.

Now, I know 12 might be a big number for a packing list, but this list will make sure you have all the necessary things to be safe and sound, just in case! Now, if you made sure you have all the 12, and you were able to tick them, it means you are ready to leave! Get your flying ticket, and your luggage, and embrace this adventure to the Holy Land!

TIP: bring your favorite and needed items, but most of all bring your best attitude, an open mind, tolerance, and patience.

Last Updated on July 19, 2023

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  1. This is my first visit to the Holy Land. Your information is valuable. Thank you.

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